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  1. My strategy is to draft Darren Waller and forget about the position until the bye week.
  2. Scoring format matters. Everything below is relative to 1PPR. While I've loved having Robinson this year, he's not a top 5 RB for 2021. What I'm most interested in, is why you're ranking Henry ahead of him though as a foregone conclusion? The 2 of them are neck and neck in points, Robinson with the better floor and more consistent player, while Henry has the higher ceiling, but is much more volatile. Job security, workload, and track record are valid arguments. If you put J.Rob and D.Henry's weekly scores side by side, 90% of this forum is picking the stat lines of J.Rob, so why
  3. There's a Twitter picture circulating today comparing Metcalf's first 27 games to Megatron's. https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1333788464408526850 I just want you all to know, that I didn't let our lord and savior down:
  4. He's no Josh Gordon, but... pretty good nonetheless.
  5. All you did was regurgitate the points I made, but offered them in a fashion that makes it seem like you're disputing my standpoint, when in reality you are supporting everything I said. 1) I say he doesn't have #1 upside, because that is the discussion I had previously in this thread and posters lost their mind. Cook vs Henry was a very real decision on draft day and if you've followed this thread, it's the conversation we were debating at that time. Cleats can pretend 'how far we've come' but he's still just trolling. He knows what was said, he's just pandering to the crowd to avoid
  6. But... he doesn't get receptions. This is why the (those of us who are reasonable) mentioned that Henry doesn't have #1 RB upside in PPR. I'm not kidding when I say, that if Alvin Kamara takes the rest of the season off, Henry might not catch him (or Cook) before Week 16. He's not even in the discussion or tier of true PPR elite backs. Marshawn Lynch is the best 'fantasy' comparable to him. Lynch was a stud, perennial top 10 RB, beast of a 'real' NFL player, and absolute joy to watch play... but he was NEVER in the discussion for #1 RB overall. Henry shares all of those same traits. Mos
  7. It's a sin curve actually. 10 point WR's are a dime a dozen. 10 point RBs are starters this time of the season. So, if he is scoring 'low end WR numbers' like 10 a week, with a TD jumping them to 16, suddenly he's a low end RB2 with potential to be a high end RB2. I'll add 2 names no one wants to hear, as speculative adds. Sony Michel, 25% owned, cleared from Covid/IR, and Burkhead just went down. Hold and see how the backfield shakes out. AJ Green, 49% owned, maybe his career is over, but a new QB can be life changing for receivers, you never know who they're going t
  8. Only if you ignore the 6 people ahead of him. Stop it. Fulgam has played 5 games so far, total of 95.6 fantasy points, averaging 19.3 points per game. Devante Adams, in just his last 3 games alone (Wk 7, 8, & 9) has already scored 108.2 fantasy points, and on his 6 games of the season, is averaging 28.1 points per game. Mentioning these 2 in the same sentence is a joke. Fulgam is a solid WR2, but keep an eye on how the team handles Alshon Jeffrey moving forward. This week shouldn't be too much of a concern, but keep an eye on snap counts, who gets the call in 2 wid
  9. This forum loves to hate Brandin Cooks, has for 5 years. Since Bill O'Brien was fired, Cooks has averaged: (Through 4 games) 9.75 targets, 6.75 catches, 93 yards, .75 TDs, and 20.55 Fantasy Points per game (1PPR) That's a 16 game pace of 156 targets, 108 catches, 1488 yards, 12 TDs, and 328.8 Fantasy Points. That is the 3rd best PPG average of qualifying WRs in 2020. That would be the 2nd best WR in all of 2019, behind only Michael Thomas. Obviously, the TDs are not sustainable, but for those who want to call this a fluke, or hate on Brandin Cooks... you've been dead wr
  10. Off the top of my head... Jay Ajayi had 433 and 3TDs Bryce Brown had 347 and 2TDs CJ2K had 399 and 2TDs Jamaal Charles had 373 and 7TDs Le'Veon had 480 and 3TDs Todd Gurley 456 and 6 LT had 432 and 6 but... Doug Martin had 486 and 6TDs
  11. Too lazy to scroll up, let me guess, I'm still suppose to sell high, he's still not an RB1, yadda yadda yadda. Riding the train until it sinks... Or whatever.
  12. It's all about how you present the answer. He was last elite, just 18 games ago.
  13. Said everyone, about every GB TE since 2013 when J.Finley was last fantasy relevant. Maybe now that McCarthy is gone, the new offense is in place, finally running on all cylinders in 2020... maybe this time it's different. But until I see him do it with Lazard and Adams on the field, I'm not buying it. Rodgers has never been a TE friendly QB. Finely in 2011 is the last time Rodgers has had a top 10 fantasy TE.
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