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  1. I just find it amusing how many people think that Brady turns any team he goes to into a contender.
  2. Want to know who the sucker in your league is,..this guy will be on his team.
  3. If you can get him as your RB2 you are on your way.
  4. I fully expect them to now draft another QB in the first round.🤪
  5. Only shows this management may be as stupid as the last
  6. Please tell me again how Hunt wouldn’t be playing in the NFL this year.
  7. Hunts gonna have enough options where he can be the man that I can’t see him joining a team where at best he’s in a timeshare.
  8. Melvin Gordon and Zeke were almost nonexistent in the passing game in college.
  9. I expect continued improvement and more reliable results as Trubisky continues to grow and mature in this offense.
  10. Nothing to do with my team, I simply have no interest in watching my most hated team play a team that unequivocally doesn’t deserve to be there.
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