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  1. Get man can I join your league? I'll take either team

  2. TL;DR - Active, competitive free league with low turnover looking to fill THREE teams. Max 8 keepers a year. Trying to use SLACK as a messaging platform but personally haven't been able to commit a lot of time to it thus far Background: Unfortunately we've lost a couple managers throughout this season (a couple mainstay hopefuls too, which stings) and I'm looking to replace them. I'm seeking people who think they can stick around long term for at least a few years. Our retention has been exceptionally high in the past few years (although this is the most I've had to replace du
  3. TL;DR - Active, competitive free league with low turnover looking to fill ONE team. Max 8 keepers a year. Trying to move league to SLACK for messaging and would appreciate help on that end. Draft is slated for March 24th in the evening. Background: I think I post on this subforum each year (thankfully not too often) and it's always bittersweet. It means we lost one of our managers but it also means I get another chance to find a long-term owner that fits the mold. I've only had to replace 1-3 managers the past few years, and about half the league has been with us for 4+ seaso
  4. IMO it's pretty optimistic to say Murray won't lose some shot attempts/ball handling when Millsap comes back. Lyles doesn't start and doesn't necessarily play with Murray a lot (I'm not familiar with how minutes are staggered in Denver), so his usage isn't really indicative of much. Millsap averages 3+ assists a game which could mean many things, maybe he's just good at finding people when he has the ball OR they run some plays through him. Of course you're right when you say he's a different player now and will def. be better than he was at the beginning of the year. M
  5. I mean let's not go crazy with hindsight. I think 10-teamers had legitimate reason to drop him..he performed (really) well in small stretches thus far in his career but for a quarter this season, shot like <10ppg on 38% shooting and 2.2 turnovers. That's a fairly significant amount of time. In 12-teamers and deeper it's a little less forgiveable because of his upside, and he was still providing near triple 1's (3s, stls, blks). With that said, I'm proud to say I held him through it and finally get to reap the benefits.
  6. I'm not gonna lie, there's some really poor persuasion methods in here as to why Covington is a solid player but one thing you haven't explained is why you think he's not of any value as a trade piece. I understand if he doesn't fit your build for whatever reason but how can you argue that 2 threes, ~1.5 steals, ~1 block, 5-6 boards and decent ft% value is outright unrosterable? I think you even admitted earlier that he holds value in a punt fg%/TOs.
  7. If Lou gets moved, that's a different story. I wasn't mentioning Teo because I think he's taking shots from Gallo, just pointing out that Gallo wouldn't get the ball more in his hands w/ Griffin gone now is all. I agree about your assessment regarding AB but the fact is he still takes 13-15 shots a game. Best case Gallo's outlook is about the same as we were expecting before (if Lou gets traded then obv. better) but with the style that he's been playing at this year (low FT attempts, although maybe the space opening up changes that) I'm worried about any hit to FGA. Cheers.
  8. I don't really see how adding two 23-25 usage rate players for Blake helps Gallo tbh. Neither guy really helps ball movement (unless I'm really out of touch with their playstyle) and Teodosic will probably take full control of the offense from a ball-handling perspective.
  9. I wish Boogie the best in his recovery but damnit I can't stop thinking about AD playing like 40mpg and getting injured too. Hold me (and the boogie owners) brothas
  10. Love the optimism but he won't shoot 50%+ from the field & 3+ 3s all year. His free throw shooting has been a little wonky dating back to last year as well. I'll be pretty happy with a top-50 finish, anything more will be a pleasant surprise!
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