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  1. From my standpoint it doesn't matter because I get back to back picks.
  2. Eloy. 6 this year is fine, 4th next year may be too. Don't worry about 2022 too much. You will have other options by then. https://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/23-bench-coach-help-forum/
  3. I thought I was sure about my 5 keepers. Having some second thoughts. They lock in at 2:00 PM CST today. ESPN 12 team roto 3 OF (LF, CF, RF), no CI/MI, 2 standard UTIL 6 x 6 with OBP and Holds as 6th O & P cats We keep 5 which make up the top 5 rounds of the snake draft. Bolded are who I have selected now. Bats: Bellinger (1B/CF/RF); Turner (SS); Rizzo (1B); Meadows (LF/RF); Bryant (3B/LF/RF) Hiura (2B) SP: Kershaw; L.Castillo; Yu Struggling with Meadows or Bryant & KB's positional flex is giving him a slight edge with me but still trying to decide between the
  4. ESPN 12 team roto 3 OF (LF, CF, RF), no CI/MI, 2 standard UTIL 6 x 6 with OBP and Holds as 6th O & P cats We keep 5 which make up the top 5 rounds of the snake draft. I am keeping: Bellinger (1B/CF/RF); Turner SS; Bryant (3B/LF/RF); Hiura (2B); L.Castillo (SP) Picking end/beginning of each round turn with first picks the equivalent of #72/73 overall, next 2 #96/97 and so on. Most likely choosing 2 from this group, ideally 1 bat & 1 SP. Bats: Moncado (3B); Olson (1B); Suarez (3B) SP: Paddack, Darvish, Giolito, Greinke, Thor Take which 2? If I go 2 bats I am loo
  5. I may be interested but need some info on league settings, buy-in, etc.
  6. I am in one league and am looking for a second league to join that is pretty casual in its setup (nothing too hardcore/high stakes). Here is what I am looking for: Non-negotiable criteria (not interested if these are not the league settings): must be a roto league; snake draft only (no auctions); mixed leagues only; must allow daily roster moves; 10-12 teams (ideally 12); no dynasty leagues; draft has to be between March 16th and March 25th (caveat–if it is March 21st it has to be after 7:30 PM CST) Other than that...I am open to a free league but really prefer a league with around a
  7. Murray is my only healthy QB and has a bye next week. I need to add a QB for next week and probably will keep a second one rostered thorough the rest of the season/playoffs. I included Kirk Cousins (also on bye next week) on the list thinking maybe I can get a guy for week 12 and then snag Cousins after his bye if he is the best RoS option after week 12. Kirk Cousins Baker Mayfield Jacoby Brissett Sam Darnold 12 Team 2 keeper 1.0 PPR Record: 8-2 Start: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE 1 K, 1 DST QB: Murray RB: Cook, Barkley, Gordon, Mixon WR: Julio, E
  8. I would probably rather play Wentz than Dak RoS (after this week). PHI schedule is considerably easier than DAL. Also Lindsay > Jamal Williams. That said you are cruising into the playoffs and if you value Jones' handcuff and think Dak will at least be very comparable to Wentz then go for it.
  9. If I am crossing one name off of that list of 3 it is probably Sanders. He just doesn't get enough consistent work right now. Guice may not either but I would hold him to see what happens.
  10. Stafford is dicey this week (and going forward) and Murray is @ SF this week and on bye in week 12. I will have to drop the BUF DST & their @ MIA matchup this week but I have PIT DST & their juicy 2nd best RoS schedule. 3 QBs on a roster is silly but I am good at RB & WR depth. Someone will almost certainly claim Allen for his @ MIA matchup this week so I would have to claim him to get him. For reference, the best QBs on the wire besides Allen are currently: Mayfield, Brissett, K. Allen. Team info below. Save the waiver claim for emergency or pull the trigger on Allen? 12 Team
  11. Man this one is tough. Lamar can be kept for a later pick but I don't know the difference between a 7th & a 10th for one season should be much of a factor. Who do you think fetches more value? I think I would be inclined to keep Mahomes but man is it close.
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