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  1. Just stumbled across some of your older posts, it is a shame that you are unable to continue your posting as from reading your old stuff, you were truly an honest, well informed and well read voice in the crowd.

  2. Shenanigans! You can't "associate your own word". My dog, if that was permissable Rush 2112 would never have left this thread. Hell, he'd still be here, posting away.
  3. Pop Media (Peppy: No- I like that movie a lot. "Subversive" in that sense has a counterculture/antihero vibe about it.)
  4. Tiger Woods (BTW- That was a subversive little film)
  5. A great mind. Glad to have met your acquaintance.

  6. One of the few posters left on this site that I respect. Sure, there's others that know their stuff, but there's a fine line between shoving facts down someone's throat and successfully having a peaceful transaction of idea. TM, you excel at the latter.

  7. Yes. And pitchers with repeatable mechanics are typically the strongest and/or most consistent. So, I'm not talking about cats who wildly alter their arm-slots, ie dropping down side-arm. I guess I failed to phrase what I want to express adequately, KVNNN See- That's what I never kenned: It has always appeared TO ME that some pitchers vary their delivery between the top of their arc through their delivery. The arm action looks different to me and not simply the grips. All these years as I have tracked the ball in the hand have I simply imagined course deviation or does the angle change dur
  8. Is the arm slot the same it's just delivered with a different intensity?
  9. Barely mentioned here but: Anyone take a good look at Chris Narveson last year? Much improved pitches, better mix. And was that a Cutter or a Slider? To my eye I can not tell, even by arm slot let alone grip. I know that's lame to admit but I own my flaws- and try as I might can't get anyone to buy them. I thought it was a Slider and others concur but an analyst I respect swears it's a Cutter that breaks like a Slider.
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