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  1. I will receive: J Collins/J Murray/J Butler i will give: T Harris/J Jackson Jr/ Oladipo On paper I will get the better deal but a lot of concerns with J Collins and Butler. Also will loose on 3’s but these i can in ww
  2. Not at all! Simmons still more upside and fitting is game with doc
  3. Don’t hesitate and take action now. The risk is always there with any move but if you kept waiting for some positive outcome maybe when and if that happens will be too late. Also you can unload MBIII and is very probable nobody picks him
  4. Overall you shouldn’t have too much stats difference. Maybe loosing FG% and 3/4 rebs max but Williams upside is much higher. If is worthy i just replace Baynes by Larry Nance
  5. Go 4 it. Harden is an headache. Jokic is a safer bet this year
  6. I’d not. Ok kemba is warming up bu SGA will make a superb season and Oubre is also very good fantasy player. Simply too much value for kemba
  7. No hesitations and no need to spend waiver position to claim sexton
  8. You need to give some stats ayton gives to is owner. I would give a pack of Lou, Kylie and Rui
  9. Hello folks, If you have to choose one of this players who’d pick? Incredible start-up from Nunn and still pending on the wire. But the others with not so big numbers are stat fillers for sure. tks for the opinions
  10. as the case go for assits since is the problem. DH is playing a lot so as a nice momentum for a trade
  11. From a trade right? No need on Ryan, he does't go a lot for FT, Better someone to spike FT% like Gallo for instance
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