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  1. I am fighting for my playoff life right now and I have Dame, PG, Thomas Bryant, and Holmes all injured. I am considering dropping Holmes to pick up Moe Wagner since Holmes isn't expected to be reevaluated for a couple weeks, thoughts? 9-Cat, 12-team WHIR
  2. Jrue for Tatum is an absolute steal and you should run away with it
  3. 10-Category H2H, 12-team, 11-player roster PG - Damian Lillard SG - Danny Green SF - Paul George PF - John Collins C - Thomas Bryant Util - Jonas Valanciunas Util - Jaren Jackson Jr. Util - Mike Conley BN - Eric Bledsoe BN - Joe Harris BN - Nickeil Alexander-Walker What am I lacking, how can I make up for hit, etc. WHIR!
  4. Theres no way I'd go forward with this trade. You're giving up way too much for just Lowry.
  5. In my opinion this is a 8-9. Anthony Davis is just THAT much of a talent.
  6. You never know how a player is going to play coming back from an Achilles injury, but you also have to keep in mind that Golden State is going to take their time with Cousins. I believe that if you're going to trade him, the best time would be now. That said, I like what you'd be getting in return for Cousins. You have solid bigs in Vucevic and Stein and adding another point to complement Holiday sounds good. Gallo's been playing well too. I would go ahead with the trade, I believe in Conley and Gallo's value ROS compared to Cousins's.
  7. I’d absolutely do this trade. Ayton should also get better as the season goes along in my opinion and if your end goal is to stabilize your percentages, feel like this trade is good for you.
  8. Personally I feel like you’re giving up A LOT of depth in this trade, so see if you can get another player in the deal. Plus hoping that Dipo can turn it around, owner of him myself
  9. Capela side wins assuming Gasol doesn't get shut down for the season.
  10. Personally, I'd keep your pieces. I feel like at some point Memphis needs to fully unleash JJJ and Hield has been playing amazing basketball. Plus you already know what you're getting from Green. I feel the shutdown potential with Beal can be real, and a trade may not help either. I'd probably stick to your players because all their production ROS should be safe.
  11. I'd probably go with D-Lo here personally. Big fan and he's been playing well with LeVert out. Don't see LeVert's return hurting D-Lo too much.
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