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  1. Nothing upsets me like someone on my team shooting terrible and next to zero stocks
  2. the FT% (obviously) is to be expected and rightfully drafted him in my punt FT team, but WHAT IN GOD'S NAME is going on with these turnovers? 4.1 per?!!!
  3. Don't particularly love any of those FA's honeslty. But yea favors seems like he's probably going to have another down year for whatever reason, but he at least has upside... I wouldn't drop anyone ATM but it really depends on your team needs. Marvin Williams is pretty solid and has super low TO, especially good for punt points builds.
  4. no playoffs week 20? Leaguesafe? email me @ oros97oros97@aol.com Christian
  5. Long time league with friends fell out last second so I'm looking for a fun, competitive league to try out on here, potentially for years to come as well. Would prefer LeagueSafe for payments or if you have rep on here I would be willing to work something out. The leagues I am most accustomed to are snake draft h2h 9 cat leagues. My email address for further discussions is oros97oros97@aol.com Thanks, Christian
  6. Hey, a lot of guys drink beer while watching games on TV. Why would the RW blurb guys be any different? haha i wouldnt doubt if they did have a few...srsly some of their blurbs that happen at night are VERY bad: Maybe I am just misreading the latest WesJohnson update but i had to scratch my head reading this: "The money counting stats save the line but the overall impact is to reduce his standing in standard leagues. He should be owned in most of them, but even a low-level free agent is worth considering with Johnson lacking upside." hahaha yea... that's one of the best ones I've seen
  7. Also does anyone love noticing the countless grammatical and spelling errors in updates immediately after games ?
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