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  1. send me the teams and league details please. Unable to see them with the links as it is set to private. mattwalters40@gmail.com
  2. Thanks, but i will pass. looking for a dynasty league, not a keeper/redraft league. Cheers
  3. Hi Folks I am looking to join a dynasty point league. No category leagues! Between 12-24 teams Must be a pay league between $50 - $150 Can be on CBS or Fantrax Can be a start up league or take over abandoned team. Can be salary/contract league or regular league Have 20 years fantasy sports experience. Cheers mattwalters40@gmail.com
  4. please send me the info. mattwalters40@gmail.com
  5. Hey Guys I'm in a H2H points league. Do you guys think Ozzie Albies for Matt Chapman straight up a fair deal? Thoughts? Thanks
  6. It appears that all teams are spoken for. If anything changes i will update. Thanks for the interest. Cheers
  7. One team left. Dispersal draft will begin when the last new owner is found. Cheers
  8. Hi Folks Looking for 3 replacement owners for a 4th year dynasty league. Points league, Weekly line ups, $60.00 plus CBS fees. As the 3 teams were unbalanced, the new owners will get to select their new team from the player pool of the 3 teams. You will select 40 players, but cut down to 30 players before our player/rookie draft in Feb. any questions please let me know. I will send constitution to anyone interested. If you are interested in knowing more, please let me know. Cheers Matt mattwalters40@gmail.com Player list
  9. BATTERS C Will Smith C | LAD Tucker Barnhart C | CIN Yadier Molina C | STL Mitch Garver C | MIN Robinson Chirinos C | NYM 1B Miguel Cabrera 1B | DET Daniel Vogelbach 1B | MI
  10. Hi Folks I am looking for 3 replacement owners for a 16 team dynasty points league that is in its 4th season. There is a $60.00 league fees handled through Leaguesafe, plus cost of CBS fees. Usually runs around $69.00 total per season. The 3 new owners will pick their own players/team from players from the original 3 teams. The teams were unbalanced, so this way the new owner gets to immediately put his/her own stamp on the team and is not stuck with a really bad team. When the 3 new owners are ready, we will email the list back and forth between the owners and select the players. I have
  11. The team has been filled. Thanks to everyone who showed interest. Cheers
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