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  1. Thanks mate, yeah there's just no news as to why. I do know why Jrue's out of course, as i have him too. Not been my season so far!
  2. I live in Geelong, Australia, around 39 deg South of the Equator and my head is spinning as to what the blazes is going on in the second Southernmost US State Texas this last 8-9 days or so. So a state that's southernmost tip is 26 deg North, about level with Brisbane Queensland, and it's northernmost regions are level with Adelaide, (about 35 deg North), seems to be having weather akin to Moscow or Oslo? Basically, this frustrated fantasy coach is kind of wondering whether San Antonio might play another game some time in the future. And no, i've never seen snow in Geelong in my life. I
  3. Bridges has been very good this year, but today, gawd! 4 fouls and almost nothing else. I reckon if you had Bridges, you might press the accept button because after today his value won't look that great. Hard to reconcile with a game of almost zero output.
  4. Denver and Phoenix 61-58 at half time, and i have Bridges (0/3 and a board, a dish and a block along with Barton, 0/2, 1/2 from the line and 2 dishes and a steal impersonating basketballers. What the hell is going on here??
  5. Morant and Ball, you'll have a young but very up and coming guard combo. i know it's a 12-teamer but you have a few blokes late on the list that don't appear in our league, but i don't think you lose anything, and Morant i reckon has more upside as he's in his 2nd season, whereas Simmons has pretty much established where he's at now.
  6. Probably not a bad option, notwithstanding Morant's current ankle issue. He's younger, doesn't have the F/T issues of Simmons and might offer a more rounded package. Simmons though with his size and reach probably steals and blocks more than your average PG. But yeah, that's worth doing.
  7. We need to know the league strength and cats...although you have quality talls with Jokic, Randle and Gobert for sure.
  8. Games like today's saves the Baze from the chop. Too much upside, whereas Graham has simply confirmed that he's a busted arse shooter.
  9. I'd probably take that. Curry is looking good in Philly, and with Embiid and Simmons there along with Tobias, i'm not sure how they could squeeze Harden into that salary constraint. White also has only got one steal and one block in his season so far, and is a turnover factory too so he's costing you in about 4 cats.
  10. As a very stoked Mikal owner, i wouldn't bite at those offerings. Mainly because the 'Cup' (Bledisloe for Kiwi/Oz rugby fans) just has a lot of miles on his legs in a good team in the Bucks, and Kevin Love, well he's just too injury-prone and also getting on. Bridges is in his 3rd season in an improving side and i'm excited for what his ceiling might be. He's also ranked 6th in Y! so i'd want a lot for him. You could maybe offer OG, or maybe perhaps cash in the good form of the young Keldon and throw in LMA or something to sweeten it. I do reckon Bridges has a unique skillset which will be
  11. I am in a 10-team 9-cat head to head league. 12 man roster so including IL's just over 120 players are active. I have a bit of a dilemma, i picked up Derrick White when he was injured, he's now back obviously, so i do need to drop a bloke. But Darius Bazely whom i was slating to be the fall guy again showed today why i like him. Derrick White himself, maybe i might need to just drop him anyway? I have done a trade for Kelly Oubre from another side for my Cam White, that's yet to hit my team yet. So looking at my side in my sig, any advice? I guess it's a league on the shallow side,
  12. I'm an Aussie and don't get to see or hear the games, but what the hell happened today? I guess 3-35 means that Lamb's side was smashed, but did the QB just hand off every time? Bloody hell, it's hard to take when i had the Diontae Johnson dominating on the pine.
  13. Didn't realise it was 3 early fouls. But still reckon the refs blow a lot harder on the youngsters compared to the untouchables who wouldn't get called for a foul in a blue fit.
  14. 'Not starting' is Bro Lo apparently. maybe they could expand that to just say 'Not playing'. I think that's the second time he's 'not started' or otherwise has taken close to half time before we're advised he's actually not playing. Not like he gets over-used at the best of times anyway.
  15. Yeah Walton....might actually be an idea to play your premier scorer a bit more than a handful of minutes rather than the journeymen types like Bazemore et al. That way your side might not fall almost 20 down and Buddy might keep you in the game a bit earlier!!
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