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  1. We're a group of guys from Montreal that are starting up a 10 team 4 player keeper league. We have a Whatsapp group chat going, so you can be added to that as well. We need 2 teams! ESPN 10 team Draft: Sunday, March 28th 7pm EST H2H points League Settings If you're interested, please email me at fantasyanthony@gmail.com with questions.
  2. 1 team avaialble in a 6th year ESPN league Buy in $100 via Leaguesafe. MUST BE ABLE TO PAY RIGHT AWAY. Keep up to 4 players H2H Cats 6x6 Draft March 30th 8pm EST Keeper Lock March 17th 8PM EST LEAGUE SETTINGS AVAILABLE TEAM Possible Keepers: Juan Soto, Eloy Jimenez, Christian Yelich, Max Scherzer, Brandon Lowe, Carlos Correa, Carlos Carrasco If you're interested, please email me at fantasyanthony@gmail.com and I will respond. First come, first serve. Your spot is not confirmed until you pay!
  3. Do you have any spots left? I sent you an email
  4. Looking to join a league with as close to the following credentials as possible. 10 or 12 teams ESPN or Yahoo H2H Live draft $20-70 Email me at fantasyanthony@gmail.com
  5. I do agree with him being a sell high depending on your situation. He's likely on your bench or a Flex player. SO in trade you can definitely package him with another player for an upgrade. However, with injuries being what they are this year, he may be more valuable on your bench than in someone else's lineup. If you lose your RB1 or RB2, would rather have him to play than a FA pickup.
  6. 10th year of the league, always very competitive! **MUST BE ABLE TO PAY RIGHT AWAY** 12 team H2H FAAB $70 through Leaguesafe (100% payout) Draft order will be randomized once everyone is paid up! League settings: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=1008491 First come first serve. Please send me a PM or email at fantasyanthony@gmail.com
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