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  1. Buxton, Pham, Marte, Davis, Pollock, Hamilton, Cespedes
  2. Olson, Bird, Smoak, Miggy, Santana, Bour, Bell, Desmond
  3. H2H Points Keeper League (No penalty for Srikeouts) C - Brian McCann 1B - Matt Olson 2B - Daniel Murphy SS - Didi Gregorius 3B - Nolan Arenado OF - C Bellinger, R Hoskins, K Davis DH - Travis Shaw Bench - I Happ, A Beltre, Y Alonso, G Bird SP - J Verlander, M Tanaka, D Keuchel, J Paxton, L Weaver, R Hill, T Chatwood RP - B Morrow, B Hand Who do you guys think?
  4. H2H Keeper Points League (No Penalty for Strikeouts) I'm having trouble deciding who to pick in my keeper draft. My Keepers are N Arenado, C Bellinger, R Hoskins, J Verlander, D Keuchel, J Paxton, L Weaver. I have the 3rd pick in the draft and the best players available according to my settings are Yelich, Pham, K Davis, Will Myers, Tanaka, R Ray, Upton, Shaw, Sano and A Rendon. I would love to have Yelich but rumor has it he is going 1st. There is no one I'm too crazy about after that so I'm super torn. Should I grab Tanaka and set my rotation right off the bat? Or sho
  5. Sorry I posted in the wrong forum
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