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  1. His shot is not falling for the whole season, except for November. Constant minor injuries, poor fg%, no steals. Very frustrating to own this year but still undroppable I guess.
  2. ESPN agan not accouting stats for both games, jeez amateurs
  3. Yeah, this is wierd. Hope they fix it asap.
  4. It's not like I'm saying I'll drop Porzingis because hes out. Other than the 1st month, he has not been setting the world on fire, correct? Poor fg, assists dropped, lack of stocks...Plus looking at his history and this year, he seems to be injury prone. IR slot is full and probably will be for a while. Satoransky and Murray are available. Tight playoff race. So how about you actually write something constructive next time and get off your high horse?
  5. @dontgiveup:Once again. 8 team league. No need for being a sarcastic prick.
  6. Doubtful tomorrow. Is he a hold in 8 team league?
  7. So what is the prediction; practice on Sunday...when is he ready to play then?
  8. KAT Lopez Vucevic Bryant Isaac Covington Russell Bledsoe Walker Brogdon Jackson Conley
  9. Not really. Everybody else is performing as expected. Jackson is not and Im not sure he is gonna go over his foul trouble issue. OG on the other hand...
  10. 8 team league, considering dropping Jackson for OG. Yes or no?
  11. Shooting slump aside, the real concern is that there are no other stats also. In 8 team league, is he dropable for someone like Isaac or is he worth holding on to?
  12. Any idea why he only played 21mins last night? Foul trouble was not the issue...
  13. So, Nuggets at full strenght. Will he still produce or is the ride over? At least today, they should ease G.Harris back?
  14. Can anybody tell us more about his stock potential (does he have it?)?
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