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  1. I actually prefer Favors. Theis is decent but Robert Williams will be back. When that happens, it’s a three headed nightmare. And Detroit is pretty banged up now too.
  2. Yes, it is a lot of assists to lose on the Sato/Payton side, but the % rebounds and threes coming back from Bertans meshes with my build well, which includes guys like Harden, Lowry, Graham. So I feel I have a plethora of assists and could use another big. Thoughts? 12 teamer
  3. Everyone freaking out over a mouthing of the word "clavicle". What if the trainer said something along the lines of "no broken clavicle"?
  4. I said a few pages back, this is who he is. He's not a good quarterback, and while usually fine for fantasy, not always.
  5. He's turning into Jared Cook except for the one year Cook had in Oakland last year
  6. Completely agree, but it all depends on the league you play in. Maybe you have a very reactionary Deshaun Watson owner who is growing frustrated, or someone that still hasn't replaced Brees or Ben. Doesn't hurt to try is my stance, this was the peak of the Winston mountain.
  7. I'm not too worried about that. Let's face it, Josh Allen is not a polished NFL quarterback. So he needs to do things like run or he's just not going to make it in the league, at least not anytime soon. I believe we were looking at upper-teens scoring if the hit didn't knock him out of the game. The thing with Allen is that he is ridiculously turnover prone, but his floor is very stable (if and when healthy). In many leagues he scored ~18 points in Week 1 while turning the ball over 4 times.
  8. I would sell this week if it's possible. I've owned Winston a lot over the years. If you have someone interested, sell him off at this price. Everyone thought to bench him this week and he went off. Next thing you know you'll get comfortable and play him every week, and then you will be scarred tremendously when the next 3 INT game comes. I did watch a lot of the game. The Rams Defense looked absolutely lost, and Jameis still tried to pull a Jameis and give the game back. the pick 6 in the fourth quarter was not a good decision, and as others have said he still has no poise in the pocket
  9. Definitely have seen enough, time to drop. We have a pass catching running back on a team with a QB who does not check down. We have Hyde already taking all the early down work, and even if Hyde goes down now we may have CJA to deal with. The entire HOU backfield is a complete avoid situation.
  10. I don't know if he overtakes Hyde completely, but I definitely think it is a situation to avoid completely. They don't use their RBs effectively as it is, even when Lamar Miller was healthy he was a hit-or-miss a lot of the time. Hyde does not catch passes, so he's extremely touchdown dependent. Now we're talking about losing some of that volume, and potentially some of those goal line carries. No thank you
  11. I mean.... Cam being hurt didn't hurt CMC last year. I wouldn't overreact.
  12. I'm a buyer. I love this new system implemented in Cincy. it's very refreshing after years and years and years of Marvin Lewis. Dalton could have quite a pass heavy season.
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