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  1. Stoked to grab him in my 20 team leagues. Decent source of boards and blocks. Don’t think he’s an add in leagues with 14 or less teams though.
  2. One hour left to join in on our ESPN snake draft at 9 PM EST. $30 buy in via LeagueSafe with majority approval. 9 cat/H2H Each Category. Standard roster sizes plus 4 IR spots (Covid).
  3. Ok, well lets worry about that when the time comes. We have 9 now it looks like.
  4. I'd prefer 20, LOL. We can compromise and cap it at 16 (if we can even get that many). So far I'm the only one who has paid via LeagueSafe.
  5. First round of ESPN invites sent. Leaguesafe invites coming next
  6. Looks like several of us are scrambling to find a league for tonight. I am willing to set one up if enough people commit. Settings would be 9cat/H2H. Snake or auction is fine with me. I am thinking 9 EST time. $50 through leaguesafe with majority approval.
  7. Looking for a last minute ESPN 9cat/H2H league. $ through leaguesafe preferably. Snake or auction, either one.
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