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  1. It’s AJ Hinch as manager who comes from the Astros when they were heavy analytics. Soto is probably more a high leverage arm than a closer for Hinch. He’ll get some saves too, just not strictly a closer.
  2. Yimi K'd Acuna, got a weak flyout from Freeman, and K'd Ozuna. Super impressive save, especially considering Acuna's early season dominance.
  3. Clase lost the game tonight although not really his fault. Came into a 3-3 game in the bottom of the 9th and the Indians lost the game on an error. Still think Cleveland will have multiple guys getting save chances, but Clase looks like the best bet. Karinchak should get some chances too though, he’s a stud, as well.
  4. Yimi is clearly the closer now, and Mattingly is a saves guy. He does not like having multiple closers. Only reason why Garcia came in before a save situation tonight when it was 3-3 was because of Acuña, but the Marlins tried their hardest not to use him in that situation. They opened the bottom of the 9th with Adam Cimber who has been terrible. Mattingly is more in the “don’t use your closer unless it’s a save situation” kind of guy so that’s good for whoever needs the saves. Bass stinks, the Albies sac fly he allowed tonight could’ve easily been a grand slam.
  5. Clase with runners at 1st & 2nd, 1 out in the 9th.
  6. Yimi just didn’t pitch well in Spring Training. + I think they wanted Bass to close to use Yimi more as a leverage guy. He was easily our best reliever last year. Struggled in 1 game against the Braves in the playoffs, but he was nearly perfect before that. Yimi should be better than Bass. He can get swings/misses on his fastball which is nice. He also throws strikes. Only problem is he can be susceptible to the long ball. Long term sleeper if it doesn’t pan out would be Anthony Bender, but he’s not even on the roster yet. I would imagine that’ll change soon. He possesses a high
  7. Yimi Garcia probably And he’s gonna get to face Lindor, Conforto and Alonso. As a Marlins fan, I’m not exactly confident.
  8. Pretty clear that Clase is the favorite in Cleveland. Tonight all 3 were available for that situation and they chose Clase against the 2-3-4 hitters. It’s possible they’ll use Clase earlier if the situation calls for it, but Clase is the #1 option.
  9. The only thing really holding this guy back is that the Knicks are dumb. He would probably be returning 1st round value if he got consistent starter minutes.
  10. Ky Bowman The only PG on Golden State’s roster until Steph comes back, if Steph even comes back.
  11. Watching the games, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of poor plate discipline. Most of the strikeouts have actually been looking rather than chasing. Not saying he’ll be a stud, but it’s not like a Brinson situation where he could never identify a breaking ball. Mets pitching staff is also pretty tough right now.
  12. It’s probably never worth it to try and figure out the Rays. However, over the last week, they seem to have settled on Nick Anderson in the 8th inning and Emilio Pagan in the 9th inning.
  13. Jarlin Garcia coming in in the 7th with the team down 5-4.
  14. Watching the Marlins game, it certainly looks like it’ll be Stanek’s job to lose.
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