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  1. Two more hits today makes him now 4-10 in the early spring season.
  2. In case there was any doubt about his power potential. He has crazy batting practice power, just needs to level out his swing some and the sky is the limit.
  3. Yeah all the Yankees fans are eating it up but it’s really in my opinion not a good thing at all. All that excess weight could easily hinder his performance not enhance it.
  4. Can’t help but think this kid is going to end up a massive disappointment. I mean, he hasn’t even played a game yet and is already getting hyped up way more than even Wander Franco who is suppose to be generational as well. No way he can live up to the unrealistic hype.
  5. I think it’s just the Rays being the Rays and based on their off-season probably want to keep Wander as long as they can to keep another window open. Reports I’ve read said he did exceedingly well in the alternate site last season and he looked good in the very small amount he played in the winter league.
  6. It’s a shame we didn’t have a MiLB season last season or a full 162 game season because I’m confident Wander would have broke through as a teen.
  7. I’m a huge Franco guy, as big as you’ll see, but best prospect ever? No, but definitely in the upper tier as far as prospects go and probably the best SS prospect since A-Rod if we are talking purely as prospects. I’ve likened him many times to a switch hitting Tony Gwynn with 25 to 30 HR ability that plays shortstop. If he ends up even 75% of that he will be incredible.
  8. Eh, still not the same thing as having a full training camp. And the noise argument is still idiotic.
  9. Gah this argument again? You really think Brady would be affected by crowd noise? lol, dude has played in 10 Super Bowls. And Brady will also have an off-season to practice that he didn’t get this off-season to have with a new team. Didn’t you think a 7-9 Washington team was going to beat the Bucs? Lol.
  10. Prospect fatigue with a year off and no minor league season so people nitpick. No way Kelenic is better than Wander as a prospect.
  11. Jesus, these annoying arse Aints fans who are convinced the entire NFL is against them can no longer ever complain again about the officials. Completely one sided called game in their favor.
  12. Yes, the problem is is outside their defensive line Washington is seriously untalented. Even at their best they’ll be lucky to hold Tampa under 20 points and WFT might have the least talented offense in the league. You expect them to score on the Bucs defense enough to win? I don’t.
  13. Brady had no receivers against the Bears and had some bad luck in that game, easily could have and should have won it. Their two losses to the Chiefs and Rams were by a combined 6 points. The only team to dominate them this season were the Saints, this is easily a team that could be 12-4 or 13-3 with a couple of breaks. WFT on the other hand almost lost a game to clinch a playoff spot to an Eagles team that was clearly not trying to win. Could WFT win? Anything can happen in sports, but it’s extremely unlikely. The Bucs are a very good team with the GOAT at QB, an elite offensive l
  14. The real question is why are you so confident in a Washington team that would have been 6-10 and out of the playoffs if the Eagles hadn’t so blatantly tanked? They suck, bro. Also, Wirfs > Sweat or Young so good luck with that.
  15. Washington is terrible so good luck with that, lol.
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