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  1. I own Pagan...it seems like a lot of people are jumping on his ship, but I don't have a great feeling about the San Diego situation. I'm really surprised by the lack of concrete news about this situation. I noticed that Pomeranz was pitching again. Good team...cloudy situation.
  2. I think Jefferies will have a very nice season. I'm looking forward to seeing if he can meet my expectations...which are pretty high!
  3. It really depends on the price....if he's inside the top 100 (which has happened in some drafts) then he's not underrated. If he slides below 125 then I'm definitely on board.
  4. That's fair. .280 could definitely be generous. He will be in a MUCH better park and in a better lineup. Home games early on in Florida could definitely be a big boost.
  5. [...] I think .280 - 25 HR - 100 R - 75 RBI - 10 steals is a fair projection., At that price he compares to Dylan Moore, Tommy Edman or Segura...maybe Muncy on the high end of value. I think I'd rather have Semien than any of those guys. Now, if his price creeps up into the top 100 picks we have a different story. Either way, I think he's a sneaky add if you can slide him over to 2B once he gets eligible.
  6. The best thing about Semien is that he will have 2B eligibility after a few games, depending on your league requirements. He's got to be ranked pretty high amongst the 2B options. I definitely targeted him in my drafts. He's very underrated and in a great situation to be successful!
  7. I used to make a living by hustling in daily leagues. I am much busier now then I was 15 years ago (when I lived in my parents' basement) haha. I could probably scrape by in a daily league and make it happen, but I'm in multiple weekly leagues and they are much more enjoyable for me now. Get OFF MY LAWN!!! I have become the old man that I always read about!
  8. Admittedly, I see your point and I was probably being more tongue and cheek than anything. Although, the older and busier I have gotten and with multiple leagues, I have found that I am much better off in weekly leagues.
  9. Daily lineups are fine unless you have a real job or family...or any other responsibilities in life. If you live at home in your parents basement and have time to manage all of that then you're at a major advantage.
  10. Nick Senzel is a 20-20 guy Josh Rojas is a 20-15 guy Amir Garrett gets 35 saves Taijuan Walker has a huge year...3.00 ERA - 1.12 WHIP - 175 Ks - 14 wins Corey Seager wins the NL MVP The Marlins finish higher in the standings than the Phillies, Nationals and Mets Giovanni Gallegos gets 30 saves Johnathan India becomes the every day 2B for the Reds and has success
  11. I think Rojas is a great gamble. He’s dirt cheap and has some tools. He’s not a little slappy MI— he’s 6’1 and over 200 lbs. I think he’s a great deep sleeper.
  12. I think Cron is an awesome pick when you can get him outside the top 180. There’s some risk and an element of unknown with the situation so I could see some butts getting burned if people want to move him up too high. If the price is right— sign me up!
  13. He’s one of my picks to be a really fast riser this year he’s been really impressive this winter.
  14. I'm a big Heriberto Hernandez fan. His bat will play anywhere but if he can sneak C eligibility then he could be a major force in fantasy baseball. I definitely like that the Rays targeted him...I would have too.
  15. Anyone else think that Kim could be a really good closer for the Cards this year? I know they have a lot of options so he could lose it quick if he falters. I think he could really surprise people this year. He has a pretty strong repertoire and plays on a team that should win some games. 10 games vs Pittsburg..5 vs KC and 5 vs Detroit. I'm definitely going to be a buyer.
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