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  1. Can't agree more. For sure a bit puzzling, especially since he is already on their 40 man. Similarly hoping that there is another move to free up room, or something to get him up with Wander. Brujan is extremely versatile as well. Fingers crossed.
  2. Apparently Franco is getting the call. Would have been nice to see VB joining him.
  3. In a nutshell, this is it. At least for me as well. At some point, you have to take the fingers out of your ears and listen to what people in the know are saying. The Pads are NOT going to say, "ya, he's got the yips" or publicly comment on any psych issues the kid may have. When respected prospect mavens have sources, usually pretty reliable, that have concerns then I don't think you can stick your head in the sand and pretend it's just a small sample size anymore. Like SL above, hoping he turns it around, and obviously he still can but caveat emptor.
  4. I understand that. But DeGrom keeps saying he is feeling 'fine', and 'ready to go'. Clearly, he also has some say in this. And if you know the Mets don't have your best interests, and/or are inept, then some responsibility also falls on him. He's not a shrinking violet. I have zero confidence in the Mets treating this properly, so I'm hoping he takes some initiative here.
  5. I really hope, like most here, that he just felt something and thought it was best to shut it down. Still, I don't know what else it will take as a wake up call, both for the Mets and HIM personally. At some point, the player also has to listen to his body, especially his throwing arm. Take the DL stint and just rest JD.
  6. I certainly don't give the Mets a pass, but DeGrom has to share some of the responsibility as well. He should have just gone on the DL to let the inflammation subside.
  7. If anyone watching the Nats game can provide an update from the broadcast, if they give one, that is much appreciated.
  8. ha, I like it! M&M or Eminem also a possibility.
  9. Very promising start for a new Mad Max. Actually, we should come up with a new moniker for him.
  10. It's just a reminder that not all prospects, even those that are highly ranked, hit the ground running. If you are a believer, now is the time to buy.
  11. I think if it was the blister issue (again), the training staff would have addressed it. At this point, there is an unfounded suggestion it might be the yips (see Rick Ankiel). Whether or not that's true, I doubt the Pads are going to come out publicly and say it ,but it could explain the control issues and possible nerves. It just seems so bizarre that a kid with pinpoint control has completely lost control. It happens, I get it, and he could absolutely rebound but at this point I don't think there is any guarantee. And, if it is a mental thing, that is possibly more challenging to get ov
  12. Bumping this thread. The numbers look ugly. Still early, but 10BB in 16IP is suggesting that his mechanics and/or control is off. FG had highlighted there were few looks of him last year, so not sure if it is time to knock him down the rankings or not.
  13. Just an update, Abrams pulled up lame a couple games ago running to first and has been out since. I suspect they will just be careful with him and wouldn't be surprised to see him hit the DL shortly.
  14. Just wanted to relay a big thanks to all those that are contributing on this page, it is very helpful. Thank you!
  15. Brutal is right. He was off to such a great start. Did they say what kind of shoulder surgery? I hope it's not a torn labrum. Even though he doesn't pitch, that's still a really difficult injury to overcome.
  16. Just following up on mine above, read the recap of the game. For those wondering, Mitchell felt 'tightness' and was lifted in the 5th inning. Didn't say where. The move was called 'precautionary', but wouldn't be surprised to see him sit a couple games (possibly an IR stint if there's a strain).
  17. Garrett Mitchell 2-2 1BB with 2sbs, looks like he got pulled very early though. Injury?
  18. Any update from the broadcast is appreciated.
  19. LOL. I will. But in all seriousness, if anyone does hear something if they can post. Tks.
  20. Any news from the Yanks (or the locals in NYC) today about the MRI results and how long they are anticipating him being out?
  21. Hope they let him sit. Give him a rest to let it heal properly. Last thing we want is Max then suffering a shoulder injury by overcompensating.
  22. It might be his neck again. It seems that he deals with it now fairly regularly.
  23. Thanks anyway. If anyone hears anything please relay. I suspect they would update something during the broadcast if the Nats disclose, but you are right they might not. As a Jays fan, there's someone outside of the broadcast booth that does sometimes update if the team advises. Fingers crossed. Wondering if it is his neck again.
  24. Anything further on Scherzer from the Nats broadcast?
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