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  1. Just following up on mine above, read the recap of the game. For those wondering, Mitchell felt 'tightness' and was lifted in the 5th inning. Didn't say where. The move was called 'precautionary', but wouldn't be surprised to see him sit a couple games (possibly an IR stint if there's a strain).
  2. Garrett Mitchell 2-2 1BB with 2sbs, looks like he got pulled very early though. Injury?
  3. Any update from the broadcast is appreciated.
  4. LOL. I will. But in all seriousness, if anyone does hear something if they can post. Tks.
  5. Any news from the Yanks (or the locals in NYC) today about the MRI results and how long they are anticipating him being out?
  6. Hope they let him sit. Give him a rest to let it heal properly. Last thing we want is Max then suffering a shoulder injury by overcompensating.
  7. It might be his neck again. It seems that he deals with it now fairly regularly.
  8. Thanks anyway. If anyone hears anything please relay. I suspect they would update something during the broadcast if the Nats disclose, but you are right they might not. As a Jays fan, there's someone outside of the broadcast booth that does sometimes update if the team advises. Fingers crossed. Wondering if it is his neck again.
  9. Anything further on Scherzer from the Nats broadcast?
  10. Reds and Cubs going to get this one in?
  11. Has there been anything on the locals about which 'new' Marlins players tested positive? Thought there would be something out by now. As a Villar and Aguilar owner, any update is appreciated.
  12. Howard's debut may get put on hold now. With the Phillies v. Yanks game postponed tonight, and possibly the series, I suspect they will just let their starters go on normal rest.
  13. Any report of who the other players are that are positive?
  14. It is fantasy relevant, or at least can be. Jose Ramirez, I believe, linked being a new father to his early struggles last year.
  15. Add Jesus Luzardo. Nothing mentioned about his symptoms. Hopefully, he gets cleared shortly. Would hate to see his season derailed by this.
  16. Come on guys, we all know he would have been training hard but for COVID interrupting his workout schedule.
  17. Not sure there is any guarantee that Kemp is anointed the DH. It was a decent signing, probably just to see if he has anything left, if not they let him go. For sure, he could get some ABs and run with the job, I just don't think we are anywhere close to that yet.
  18. Ya, I laughed a bit at this one when I read the RW blurb. Tyson Ross was released, then waits, and when seemingly has no offers says "ya, I'm not playing either", in attempt to save face. GL Tyson, your career is likely done.
  19. Value for next season and on-going? Absolutely. While there's no guarantee that Sale returns to the same dominance as he did pre-injury, the reward is too high, imo, to just let him go for nothing. There is a history of guys that have come back from TJS as strong or stronger, so for me, the risk is worth keeping him because if he does come back he's arguably a top 5 SP-ace.
  20. Looks like I spoke too soon. Of course, the caveat should have also been this is a truly unique season where outside the usual injuries that we have a pandemic. ha. There may be an opportunity for some ABs from the get-go, provided they are not concerned about service time. Again, I would suggest ppl read the articles in the Spencer Howard thread.
  21. There are two good articles, you can find the links to them in the "Spencer Howard" thread. They speak to how the Phils may use Bohm and Howard with service time considerations. The GM, in the second piece, suggests that there are contingencies they will have to evaluate. All that said, I think Bohm will be given some PA's this year but it's just speculation right now as to how many. The Phils may opt to give Jay Bruce a number of at-bats, and on his weak side, platoon him with Bohm and/or give guys like McCutcheon and Realmuto days off from the filed but keep their bats in the lineu
  22. It's a possibility. That said, here are the thoughts from the GM from the Philadelphia Inquirer: https://www.inquirer.com/sports/phillies-covid-19-spencer-howard-alec-bohm-opening-day-roster-20200629.html
  23. Just listed him in the sleeper thread, think last year's second half was a turning point. As always with AD, he's gotta stay healthy but think he has the upside you are looking for in a deep draft.
  24. I think DeSclafani and Houser are a couple SP that will outperform their draft slot.
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