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  1. Promoted to Low-A Augusta. 4-6 in his first two games.
  2. I think even more importantly, there is starting to be better plate discipline. As the season has gone on, his K rate has been declining which is a sign, for me at least, that he understands that his approach needs refining. It also may mean there is better pitch recognition. @Flyman75 - I think your expectations of his movement are pretty accurate. If he absolutely rakes next year then perhaps it may speed things up a little bit or likewise if he stumbles it could delay things a bit, but otherwise this seems like a pretty good timeline, imo.
  3. As suspected, the power is starting to show up in AA. Jones hit his 4th HR last night in 82ABs. He hit just 7 in 252ABs in High A. Likewise, his slugging % has gone up from .425 to .512. I think he could make the jump to MLB at some point next year.
  4. Absolutely agree! Martin definitely has a ton of power and patience. He's also young enough that he might become an even better hitter as he matures.
  5. What's the report on Wilson, first time I've seen him mentioned.
  6. This. Surprised, given the bat, he fell that far.
  7. Depends on who you think will be buying, because teams like the Indians who might have a need may also be dealing. The only real buyer where Puig may fit right now, for me at least, is the A's and possibly the Cubs.
  8. No such thing as a can't miss in fantasy baseball, haha, I guess it depends on how many keepers you can keep and how deep your league is. Imo, the kid has been damn impressive so it's getting hard to keep him a secret for much longer and one of your league-mates might jump on him.
  9. Pretty damn impressive tonight. He looked awesome. Obviously, he is a rookie so you can expect ups and downs, but what he showed tonight is really what he did in the minors all year. For those in keeper leagues, he's a must hold, imo.
  10. Size-wise/build and left-handed 2Bman with power, Utley is a good call. Obviously, this would be quite incredible if Lux has that kind of career, but I agree that his upside is that of a 30+HR with a high average guy that would look good hitting in front of Bellinger.
  11. Vertigo is not to be messed with. I mentioned this in his Milb thread, when he was first diagnosed. Kid has all the potential, but at this point you can start to question his durability.
  12. Boom goes the dynamite. Another HR tonight!
  13. Starting to be hard to ignore Giants OF, Franklin Labour. The 6'1 190lb Labour was signed out of the DR in 2015. It would be an understatement to say that he has been absolutely destroying the NWL having hit 14Hrs in only 130ABs. His line so far as follows: 130ABs, 14HRs, .338AVG, .423OBP, .746SLG He turned 21 in May, so obviously we will have to see if he is moved up to Low A before year's end and how he starts to fare against better pitching. Still, if he does start to hit there, then I can definitely see him moving up lists. Having read an article on Labour, it is his goal to
  14. 2-3 HR last night. K rate down to 25% over the last 10 games. Hopefully can reduce it even further, but if he can even manage to hold it steady then there will be some progress in his development, imo.
  15. Chavis now has "DTD" in Yahoo. Anything happen to him during the game or anything from the broadcast?
  16. Another great outing. 6IP, 2hits, 0ER, 0BB, 4Ks. Most noteworthy, out of 66 pitches, a ridiculous 52 for strikes.
  17. The walks got to him tonight. 3IP, 3hits, 1ER, 4BB, 4Ks
  18. Watched a couple vids on YT of his stuff, it looks like it is really difficult for hitters to pick up the ball coming out of his delivery.
  19. This kid's numbers are becoming too hard to ignore. He's gotta be getting some top 100 love soon.
  20. There is consistent playing time and he might be making adjustments. Whatever it is, he looks dialed in much like he did in ST. Again, not every prospect has a linear development curve. Now that he is playing pretty much everyday perhaps things are slowing down for him and he's figuring it out.
  21. Finding his stroke and BABIP is evening out. Outside chance he can go 18hr-30sbs, which if he can get up to .250+ avg. will make for an interesting discussion where he should be taken next year.
  22. 3-3 with 2 doubles so far today. En fuego!
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