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  1. This kid's numbers are becoming too hard to ignore. He's gotta be getting some top 100 love soon.
  2. There is consistent playing time and he might be making adjustments. Whatever it is, he looks dialed in much like he did in ST. Again, not every prospect has a linear development curve. Now that he is playing pretty much everyday perhaps things are slowing down for him and he's figuring it out.
  3. Finding his stroke and BABIP is evening out. Outside chance he can go 18hr-30sbs, which if he can get up to .250+ avg. will make for an interesting discussion where he should be taken next year.
  4. 3-3 with 2 doubles so far today. En fuego!
  5. The K rate is alarming. Obviously he is super young, but still something that has really been exploited since he has moved up to SS.
  6. LOL, he just hit ANOTHER. 2 more dongs tonight with a BB and 5 RBIs.
  7. Lux has hit another homer tonight, that's 4 games in a row. He's now hitting over .500 in 14 AAA games. Albeit a small sample, that is still absurd how quickly he has adjusted.
  8. For those hoping for Rodgers to get another chance, it won't come this year. Diagnosed with a torn labrum. Yuck. Bad injury.
  9. 3-5, Another HR, SB
  10. Anything from the Padres' broadcast as to why he was scratched?
  11. Wondering the same thing. They were off yesterday and no news of any injury the day before, unless he's sick or did something during warm-ups.
  12. This was exactly my point in the Spencer Howard thread. If there is a concern about the guy, use the hype and leverage for something you can use and is more 'trusted'. Bird in the hand.... Sure, there are going to be guys that do go on to have successful MLB careers, maybe even studs, but for everyone of those there are countless others that will flame out or not come up and immediately dominate. In Fantasy, unless you have deep rosters that can tolerate the headaches of young pitchers let them be someone else's issue and take a really good piece, or a trusted piece if you can get it,
  13. 3-4, BB last night.
  14. Here is a clip of the HR: https://www.milb.com/milb/news/prospect-roundup-games-of-july-15/c-309115648 That is a nice compact swing with some slight loft/launch angle. I like that there is little movement in the legs until he is ready to unload with the swing.
  15. Grandal out because of injury or a double switch?
  16. 3-3 3B, 1st AA HR. Off to a good start.
  17. His first AAA start was okay: 5IP, 6hits, 3ER (1HR allowed), 1BB, 6Ks. One positive to take is only 1BB. 85 pitches and 57 for strikes. (*I don't think they'll bring him back out in the 6th*)
  18. If it wasn't the Mets, I'd be okay with it. Likely btter for fantasy to go to the NL (barring a Rockies/Reds/D-Backs home park).
  19. @brockpapersizer have been following him, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Do you have any data on the fastball velo?
  20. Brennan Davis is the highest I've seen him ranked, but I think by year's end it will be justified. He's still flying under the radar, but has monster tools and has the ability to hit for high average and his k/bb ratios are also really good.
  21. Some lists, like BA and Fangraphs, factor defensive value. A guy like Diaz is limited to 2B, so that knocks him down for some. And as mentioned, he was a highly touted guy a few years back, but struggled with high K rates so there was question on whether his hit tool would ever develop. PCL power numbers aside, his improved strike zone is what I take most from his improvement this year.
  22. 3-5 2B, HR. Hopefully the Marlins can find Castro a new home so they can get this kid up already. Most importantly, he has cut his K rate this year and it has been holding steady and his LHP/RHP splits are great.
  23. 5 no hit innings today. Final line: 5IP, 0hits, 0ER, 1BB, 7Ks. Kid's stock is going to go up pretty quickly if he keeps this up, better jump on the train before it's too late.
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