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  1. From J.J. Cooper at BA from looks at Nolan Jones at the Futures Game:

    Nolan Jones: He’s a very good prospect, but at the same time, it was a really impressive BP. That definitely stood out.

    This would seem to reinforce the above, he definitely has impressive power but still needs to harness it in-games. 

  2. 2 hours ago, burty1 said:

    Anyone have any updates?

    He only went 2.2 IP last night, though it was against more advanced competition at AA Akron facing a decent O's team there.  His line was as follows:

    2.2IP, 2 hits, 1ER, 1BB, 2Ks  He only threw 46 pitches, 27 for strikes.  I would not anticipate that he has been stretched out enough yet if they want to bring him back up as a starter. He likely needs at least another 2-3 rehab starts, imo, before they can do so.

  3. On 7/8/2019 at 9:09 PM, 2ndCitySox said:

    good power and a 40% K rate. Sounds like they found a new Happ. 


    in all realness, the Cubs are talking about Zobrist coming back, and mgmt loves some Zo. Garcia's time could he short. 

    I'll believe Zobrist coming back when I see it.  A lot of personal issues going on for him right now, so even if he does come back how much his mind is in the game remains to be seen.  For sure, Garcia will have to control the strike zone better if he is to have any long-term success.  The more he performs, the longer his leash is extended, imo. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, Fantasy Monk said:


    Truth to be told that's not a good reason to stay away. I get where your coming from and I do not disagree for the fact is every pitcher is a Future Tommy John candidate and you can mess out on fine players by over looking them because of injuies.

    And further to FM's point, if his stock goes up and that's how you feel then you deal him for someone you feel more confident about or as a piece to get a big league asset to compete.

  5. Mods, I apologize in advance if there is already a thread for him, but I searched and searched but did not see one.

    Nolan Jones is a 21 year old (turned 21 in May) 3Bman for the Indians that was just promoted to AA.  At 6'4 185lbs, Jones has a long and lean frame.  His left handed swing is fairly compact and there is little movement in his legs.  Jones has excellent plate discipline as evidenced by his walk rates across a number of levels that he's been at to date. There is some criticism though that he actually takes too many pitches, some that he could drive and do damage with his bat. Another critique is that he has really yet to develop in-game power.  His home run totals though, I do not believe are something that should be weighed too heavily, especially given his age.  He has to date been in pretty pitcher-friendly parks in the Midwest and Carolina League.  Now that he has been moved up to Akron, we will see if the power starts to play a bit more as I believe there are some decent hitter-friendly parks in the Eastern League.

    His profile, arm and body-type suit him well for 3B.  If his bat plays, as expected, the Indians may shift J-Ram back to 2B.  Jones could also probably play 1B and looks athletic enough that if he is blocked he may be able to play a corner OF position.  All speculation at this point though, but something to consider from a fantasy perspective if you feel he is blocked and won't get any playing time.

    Jones is already on some top 100 prospect lists, but is generally ranked in the 60-100 range.  I'm not sure Jones is going to be a fantasy stud, but he is definitely a guy that might move up lists pretty quickly if he takes off at AA and the window to buy may close quickly.  For those of you in OBP leagues, I think he is more valuable given the consistent walk rate he has shown so far. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, Cmilne23 said:

    Another Bradley Zimmer?  Tools for days but can’t see to get the contact down right.

    It took him time to adjust and a second start at Low A before he figured it out, so his slow start at High A may be similar.  I think though he is what we are seeing, a good power-speed guy that's willing to walk but is also going to K a ton.  While body-wise very different, from a fantasy perspective it reminds me of Mike Cameron.  

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  7. On 7/8/2019 at 6:06 PM, CounterPunch said:

    The walk rate is what I'm looking at especially with these 18 year olds. If they can establish a knowledge of the strike zone and when to take certain pitches at that age, look out.

    Another HR last night. Already 5 in less than 100ABs to go along with 5 steals.  Robinson's only glitch, as mentioned above, is that his K rate has not decreased.  That said, he's moved up a level and it hasn't spike either but he's still hovering around 30% (which is what it was in his limited sample when he was called up to the Pioneer League last year) and the walk rate is down a bit.  It's more nit-picking an 18 year old in SS, but that is seemingly the only thing that will prevent him from being a true fantasy gem.  He still could be, even with the K rate, but it would likely hurt the average.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Wytchclt55 said:

    Reminds me of when smoak got traded from Texas to Seattle and underperformed for years there then went to Toronto 🤔

    Yes, that's right completely forgot about his time in Seattle.

  9. 1 minute ago, osb_tensor said:

    That's a good trait, for sure. A not good trait, one that overshadows the good trait, is when someone refuses to admit a mistake.

    I think @osb_tensor hit the nail on the head.  The issue with Law, for me, has nothing to do with his prospect evaluations per se, it has more to do with this almost smugness or what I call little man complex.  His cavalier attitude, almost thumbing his nose that his perspective is the only (right) one, is really an unlikable trait.  I do like that he does get creative with some of his rankings so credit where credit is due.

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  10. Wouldn't surprise me if he is super-utility type, it's what the Rays do. I agree there is no clear path to regular PT once Lowe returns though.  He might be being auditioned as a trade chip and they also have Nick Solak, another similar guy, that is in the upper minors waiting for the call.  If the Rays continue to contend, I definitely see one or two of these guys getting moved for a piece they need.

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  11. 15 hours ago, thejamman said:

    With his proximity to the bigs what are we thinking of Kieboom long term? My personal projections... 


    .270/.350/.485 80/25/85


    This sound about right to you guys? Not top 25 or maybe even 50, but perhaps top 75.

    Think the average can be higher, maybe .280-.285 and I think he's got the power to hit 30Hrs.  The other numbers, like Runs/RBIs, will depend on where he hits in the lineup.  I think he looks like a guy to put in the 3-hole.

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  12. Really bummed by the MRI results.  To provide you guys some perspective of what a grade 2 strain likely means for Luzardo, I am cutting and pasting from the "Lat Injury" article I posted the link to above:

    Syndergaard's strain has been labeled Grade 2, which means it has not torn completely off the bone, and surgery is generally not deemed the best course of action.
    "You have to ask, what potential does the lat tendon have to heal versus not heal?" said Dr. Jeff Dugas of the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, Ala. "If it's torn all the way through and is separated from the bone, it's not going to crawl out and reattach itself. But if it's not completely detached and separated from bone, or separated from itself, it has the potential to heal itself. So do you repair it? Or do you let the patient's biology do it for you? With a Grade 2 tear, it's better to give it a chance."
    The fact that the lat is also a core stabilizer used in basically every human activity as well as a respiratory muscle means it never gets a break, which makes resting it enough to allow it to heal a tricky endeavor.
    In 2016, a case study done by doctors at the Cleveland Clinic looked at 30 MLB pitchers who had suffered lat or teres major strains. Twenty-nine were treated conservatively and allowed to heal on their own. Only one underwent surgical treatment. The average time required to return to pitching for the non-surgical group was 99.8 days, while the pitcher who had surgery missed 140 days.

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  13. There's something to be said for catchers being late developers.  This kid has always had talent, but seemingly with the bat not yet lived up with the hype.  When looking at guys like Garver and Vazquez, sometimes guys figure it out.  They of course are older than Sisco, so there is even more reason to be excited.  Not sure he is going to hit for too much average, but if he could turn into a 20-25hr .265 type, that is uber valuable, imo.

  14. Has never looked right since the start before he hit the DL.  Either he is trying to pitch through something, or tipping his pitches possibly but for sure either cut him or put him on the bench (if it is a deep league and there is nothing else avail) until there are signs that he has fixed things.

  15. Salazar has never been short on talent, he has the stuff and velocity but the pitch sequence and command always seems to get the better of him.  As a past owner, you have to take the good with the bad, because there are times he can dominate and others where he might not get out of the first inning.  That's Salazar.  He's only 29, so perhaps with some added rest and re-worked mechanics he can turn the page and become fantasy relevant again. I'm rooting for the guy, just have to temper expectations, imo.

  16. Here is a good article.  Right now, we know nothing other than he felt tightness.  His velo dip in the last inning, imo, means it might have been something that started bothering him but he finished the inning.  Hopefully, it is just a minor strain.  Still, I suspect he'll undergo an MRI today (or soon) to see if there is any damage.  His continued rehab will be determined by the extent of the lat injury, if any.


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  17. 6 hours ago, Dark One said:

    It probably pushes it back a start or two, but as long as it's minor (definitely glad it's not arm related) it shouldn't affect the current plans for him too much - especially with Mengden tossing another dud tonight.

    Color me pessimistic.  A lat issue is definitely not a one or two start push back, imo.  Given the A's have been super pre-cautious with him so far, I doubt he picks up a ball for 2-4 weeks.  No way they risk him aggravating the shoulder or lat, especially with a guy that's already had TJS.

  18. 7 minutes ago, Bobby Blue said:


    Took a hard foul ball just below his knee. He stayed in the game and got a hit but could barely make it to 1st base. Limped off the field.

    Ack.  Probably off for X-rays, hoping it is just a contusion.

  19. It's all a guessing game right now.  Depends on how quickly he heals/responds to treatment. I tend to agree with @sleepysock's comments but timeline will be determined by the team doctors.  If he heals on the low end, then I'd expect him back first week of August give or take, and if closer to the back end of the timeline would think he's back end of August thereabouts.

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