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  1. Not quite as disappointing as Jose Ramirez, given where he was taken, but still really disappointed with his performance.
  2. Fair enough. I don't actually think we are disagreeing. All good.
  3. Thanks for bumping the thread and providing the above. He does look like he has some upside, possibly this is a breakout, but I would caution that his strong 2 game power display is anything consequential. If he continues to bang XBH and Hrs in the next couple weeks, then I'm on the train.
  4. I don't think any of the guys mentioned are in the same class as Wander Franco. Franco is a full year younger than Julio Rodriguez and also younger than Valera or Robinson. The stats Franco put up last year in rookie ball were video game crazy, especially given his age. Sure, these guys could be the next Wander, which I suspect is the rationale to their ranking, but I disagree with the assessment that 15 games into the season that guys like Valera and Robinson are deserving to be ranked as highly as they are. They are holding their own, but I would hardly say that their numbers are justifying the ranking. Again, perhaps by end of the rookie ball season they will.
  5. At 6'5 220lbs, Roberto Ramos, a 24 year old bat-only 1B prospect, has been tearing it up over the past couple years for the Rockies. Last season between High A and Double A, Ramos hit 32 home runs while batting .269 but with a .368OBP. This year, he is back at it again this time in AAA where he has already slugged 19Hrs and is hitting .307 with a .402OBP. The K rate remains high, over 25%, but I'm wondering if this is just a Quad A type, or perhaps there is something here. It would seem there's little left to prove in the minors and he could be an injury away from a call. Anyone have any further insight on him?
  6. This was my sense of things too. Albeit guys like Julio Rodriguez, Luciano, Robinson, Valera, etc., all appear to be proving they will be top prospects it does seem a bit aggressive given their assignments right now. I would think if they start proving themselves against more advanced pitching in more advanced leagues it would justify their present rankings. The newly drafted guys are also somewhat hard to rank. Until you start to see the results, I guess they do the best they can with trying to gauge talent versus where to rank on the list. That said, there are a lot of newly drafted guys added so time will tell if justified or not. Overall, hard to be too critical and the list is what it is 'a list' by a good fantasy prospect maven.
  7. Hitting in the 2hole, double in his first AB!
  8. They need him this year. Unlike last year they are not coasting into the playoffs.
  9. This hurt. Obviously not what I was expecting versus the Pirates. I should have known better. Expect the unexpected in fantasy baseball.
  10. He's been out with a wrist injury.
  11. 4-6 tonight, 2 doubles, HR. Guy is on an absolute tear.
  12. Hit a bomb to lead off the game today.
  13. It's possible. I could see him get moved for a relief guy, or something small like that. Still, there aren't a bunch of teams lining up and most teams selling aren't looking to get a 30 year old back in a deal, in all likelihood.
  14. Segura get pulled due to injury or score?
  15. Called up. We'll see if the numbers at AAA translate to MLB, but he has been raking after a slow start. In his prior opportunities he did not show that he had any plate discipline, so if he can show that he can take a pitch the switch may have been turned on.
  16. Now up to 7HRs in 43 ABs. Just destroying the AZL. Still just 19 years old, he might need to be moved up pretty soon.
  17. Can't make excuses for how poorly he has played in the first half of the season, but as a recent parent myself if this is his first child you wonder there has been added stress on the home front. Perhaps now that the baby has arrived, and presuming the baby his healthy, it might alleviate some of that stress. LOL, the stress may be replaced by sleep deprivation though.
  18. The guy has been a stud. No idea why they are doing this, what so they can play Joey Wendle?
  19. 4-4 Hr, 2 doubles. Wonder if he gets a call once the Futures Game is done. Deserves it.
  20. 8Hrs, 40 runs, 35 rbis, .310 AVG, 4-7 Sbs. Just my thoughts.
  21. Any Sox fans have any insight on his struggles? Was last year an outlier and this is really what we should expect? Just wondering if he is pressing, is hurt, or something else going on, because if this is the type of player we can expect he will be moved way down my board next season.
  22. Forcing himself into the conversation. If the Mets continue to fall out of contention, I could see someone like Cano get moved (if someone will take him) or Frazier (again, just a dump) such that McNeil goes back to the IF and Smith can get some consistent PT.
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