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  1. 47 minutes ago, B&F said:

    Would love to add this guy but what is the point?  Not enough PT.

    Forcing himself into the conversation.  If the Mets continue to fall out of contention, I could see someone like Cano get moved (if someone will take him) or Frazier (again, just a dump) such that McNeil goes back to the IF and Smith can get some consistent PT.  

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  2. On 6/25/2019 at 12:57 PM, bjvance5 said:

    These types of players get over looked - Jeff McNeil types that flat out hit the baseball and can play multiple positions. I’m pretty optimistic watching him play and seeing his stat lines and even have some power. Has performed at every level and is near MLB.  Haven’t really dug deep into his underlying metrics/stats but I’m going to scoop him up I think. What’s his estimated eta and will he have a chance to play? My guess is no looking at the TB roster.

    If this guy gets traded, which he might given the Rays should be buyers at the deadline, I would scoop him up. Right now, the Rays have way too many MI types ahead of him that his path to any regular ABs is slim.  Could change, but right now barring a trade, I don't see it.

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  3. 40 minutes ago, BigPapi44 said:

    Hoping it's just a sprained ankle, probably best case scenario.  IF anything from the broadcast, would appreciate any update.

    Just hoping he does not have any torn ligaments.  Not out of the woods yet until he has an MRI.  I still believe he's likely heading to the IL.

  4. 2 minutes ago, tonywow said:

    Anderson was making a throw to first and came down on his right ankle, buckled pretty good. Then as he completed the throw seemed seemed to take a little hop and land on the the same ankle again. Immediately fell to the ground in pain after making the play and was helped off the field not putting any pressure on his right ankle.

    Watching the game and haven't heard any updates yet. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a few days off, nor hit the DL. Kind of reminds me what Eloy did to his ankle and he hit the DL for quite a while. Not being in contention I wouldn't be surprised if they put Anderson on the DL to mend up.


    @tonywow thanks man, keep us posted.  Suspect he will go for an MRI.

  5. Just now, kwolf68 said:


    Nothing yet, just ankle issue. Man I hope it's not broken. Love that kid. 

    Me too, but long-term the break is better than ligament damage.  From a guy that rolled his ankle playing b-ball and tore ligaments my ankle has never been the same.  Pretty much any doctor/physio person I saw said a break would have healed better than the torn ligaments.  

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  6. 37 minutes ago, Slatykamora said:

    If his name wasn't Acuna, I don't think we would be caring this much about an under-sized guy in the DSL. I usually like to see the hit over power guys do it state side before getting hyped personally. 

    Best comparable player from last years class is Brayan Rocchio, which assumes he still hits as well when he does come state side. Not saying he isn't going to become a worthwhile prospect. Just find it funny this is the short season pop up guy that gets his own thread already. When I see other guys who are already hitting state side who have upside.

    I think the point from the starter of the thread was to keep a watch on him, not that he is on the same trajectory as his brother or is an uber stud prospect at this point.  No one is saying that.  However, with the bloodlines and his performance, more his crazy BB/K rate, for a kid that just turned 17 years old in March, is pretty good.  Yes, he will get more cred because he has a brother who is a star, but rightly or wrongly, that recognition is likely coming soon once people starting analyzing the stats.  As for him being under-sized, similarly I don't rely too much on DSL listings.  He's listed at 5'10 and 155lbs as a 16 year old coming into the league, I don't think he's finished growing and filling out.  Not saying he will grow or fill out substantially, but a kid at 16 that's 5'10 easily may grow a few inches in the next couple years.  We know his brother, if not the team, will make sure he is well fed and have access to conditioning staff, etc.  

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Maxcd99 said:

    It has since shot up to 4%. I dont follow many prospect sites behind paywalls but it still seems like there still isn't many updates on the younger Acuna.

    He leads the Dominican Summer League in average hitting .412 in 80 PA, is 3rd in wRC+ behind an 18 year old and Alexander Mojica, who has had his own touts in the deep sleepers thread, third in OBP with .500 (!!!), and 4th in OPS. Not everyone who rakes in the DSL becomes a top prospect, but his combination of stats and genetics is interesting. I hope he continues getting hype, but also would like legitimate scouting info if it can be found since I haven't found much besides his July 2 ranking.

    I'm intrigued by this development.



    Not sure about this, but I do recall seeing him listed somewhere as "Jose Acuna." I can't remember where though. Jose is his middle name, but it doesn't help that he also shares this with Ronald.

    Ya, it is bizarre.  I kept thinking he wasn't playing but then clicked on "Cartaya" and Acuna pops up on the site and has the stats of Cartaya.  Agree, would like some first hand accounts.  I suspect we won't hear too much of him unless they decide to bring him state-side.  There will be some organizational views on him provided for prospect lists, I suspect, but not likely many first hand accounts by the prospect mavens, just guys like us dissecting stats. 

  8. Just an update, Smith pitched in a rehab game tonight.  He tied the Southern League record with 8 straight Ks!  Overall, only pitched 4.1IP, 2 solo HR, 11Ks!  While they may still have him make another rehab start, it would seem he should be back quite soon.   

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  9. 26 minutes ago, BigPapi44 said:

    Deivi Garcia dealing again.  5IP, 0hits, 0ER, 2BB (one on a 10 pitch AB), 9Ks.  He might be done for the night as he's now over 90 pitches.

    *Correction - He did not give up a hit. Corrected.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, JakeSarna said:

    he didn't have 1 hit allowed, he had a no hitter thru 5ip along with 9k and 2 walks (19 swinging strikes in 5 innings/Had 27 swinging strikes thru 6 innings last start). Was pulled after the 5th at 96 pitches. Acevedo still has the no hitter going in the 6th.

    Yes, that is a typo on my part.

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  11. 1-3, 2BBs with 3 runs and an SB today.  Also, he did make his 7th error already at SS in only 17 games.  Something to watch as he progresses in the system.  Any idea why he is listed in box scores as "Cartaya"?  If you go to MilB.com and click on DSL Rangers1, Acuna is actually "Cartaya".  Very bizarre, but if you click on the name he pops up.

  12. 1 hour ago, AngryBeavers said:

    seems to be scuffling in AA. Not sure if zero homers, and sub .200 is what we were hoping for. K rate seems to be in line with A ball. 

    Anyone with any insight here other than he is adjusting to a tougher league??

    For sure not the start at AA that anyone was hoping for, but let's see where he's at by season's end.  If he's had 250+ ABs and still hitting around the Mendoza line with few XBH then perhaps he is a pumpkin.  He's hit at every level, so far across 3 levels, so the kid might just be adjusting.

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  13. 5 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:


    I think good

    He's 16. Heard comps like Dexter Fowler and Cody Bellinger.  This will be a slow burn, but I think the upside will be there and plus points for him being a Yankees prospect, means he will be hyped better than whatever he is,.

    He doesn't turn 17 until next month and MLB.com already list him at 6'6 190lbs.  You could still be looking at another 1-3 inches in growth.  His length may end up making a high K guy.

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