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  1. Lipitorkid makes a really good point. He's had bad stretches before, it's being blown out of context, I believe because there is so much hype around the first week of the season.

    Has Lincecum said anything to the SF media about his performance yesterday? If he was masking an injury, you think now would be the time to say something.

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  2. No one in that division have really improved all that much, with the exception of Arizona (possibly). The NL West still have some pretty anemic offences too in SD and LAD (and SF included in that). Win totals are pretty difficult to gauge with any certainty for any starter, so with my best guesstimate for Timmy, I would go with the following:

    15 wins

    215 k's

    2.92 ERA

    1.18 WHIP

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