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  1. 2 hours ago, to_be_quite_frank said:

    Are the results of this CT Scan being sent via telegram? Carrier pigeon? What's taking so long?

    I don't think he's actually having done until tomorrow.  I suspect he will have the CT Scan, then the ortho will review the results with him/team.

  2. 7 hours ago, JFS179 said:

    I'll just leave this here:  Dr. Robert Anderson is the preeminent foot and ankle specialist in the country.  He's the guy all the professional athletes to go for their lower leg injuries.  The Tigers might as well have send JDM to the James Andrews of foot doctors.


    I agree with @oswald737 above -- value depends on the level of replacement player, but I'm thinking this is a 4-6 week thing that's a small step from 4-6 months.  Sounds an awful lot like a lisfranc injury, which could be rest and rehab or could be full reconstruction surgery.

    Ack.  That is good to know.  It does seem like there are some abnormalities then in the testing and views that have been expressed.  You would think one of the orthos would have been able to diagnose the lisfranc fracture, but maybe it was just too swollen to get a read on it.  It will be a long wait until Friday for those of us that own him.

  3. I hear ya TBBT.  I think back to what Farrell said after Price complained of elbow pain, and he was honest thinking it was bad, but turned out to be nothing.  If it is something significant, you wonder why he would say anything period, other than 'JD felt better today, we are waiting on the test results and I'm not a doctor so I won't speculate'.  To actually say that “I feel pretty good about what the results will end up being", and "we just want to make sure that it’s not anything major" could be him just waving off reporters, I just don't see him giving those kind of quotes if he knows it's something more serious.  Just my thoughts.

  4. 1 hour ago, Jub Jub said:

    They're probably concerned about a possible lisfranc ligament tear and need a specialist to assess it

    It's a fair point.  I think the fracture would have showed on the X-ray, which may necessitate the MRI.  Having read on Lisfranc injuries, the CT Scan is normally performed only to develop a surgical plan to repair it.  From the web:


    "These scans are more detailed than x-rays and can create cross-section images of the foot. This test is not required to diagnose a Lisfranc injury. Because a CT scan will help evaluate the exact extent of the injury and the number of joints that have been injured, a surgeon may order this test to help plan surgery."


    I gotta think if this was a lisfranc issue though, there's no way Ausmus would have said the above.

  5. 8 minutes ago, phoenixbases said:

    What possible injuries would require confirmation from a CT scan as opposed to what would be apparent from an MRI?  Need a doc.

    PB - The CT Scan uses X-ray equipment, but will do more enhanced testing.  Will show ligaments and muscles too.

  6. 15 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

    so are we going to get an update today or are they going to wait until the ct stress test on friday?

    I think that is your update.  He's going to see someone on Friday and they'll do a CT Scan.  From my end, again speculating, but I suspect the MRI came up fairly clean but there could have been some swelling in the area.  While I'm certainly not a doctor, I believe they are likely going to perform it to rule out any minor hairline fracture on the foot.  If Ausmus said they are waiting on one more doctor to weigh in, and I feel pretty good about the results will end up being' then I'm personally cautiously optimistic. If there was a fracture present in the X-ray or MRI, I think he would just say we will need to wait and see what the specialist says.  To me that would then indicate there was something in the tests and the specialist is better to determine how long he would be out for based on what was reviewed. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, heyeaglefn said:

    It's not a second MRI right, just a second opinion, or is that the same thing?  I just thought it meant another doctor looked at MRI results from 1st MRI.

    Well, that would be two different things.  My understanding was that he was just getting a second opinion on the MRI.  However, it could also be they want another MRI performed.  If you move, even slightly sometimes, while the MRI is being done it may not have taken the best image of the foot, so they may also want another one done.  Or they could want another one done if there was something obscure.  More likely, they are having another doctor confirm the diagnosis or offer something different based on what s/he sees and recommends.

  8. 6 hours ago, BigPapi44 said:

    He was supposed to get a 2nd opinion yesterday. I've scrounged the net, but can't find any update or anything from the Indians on what the doc said.  Can someone post an update, if they can find something/hear something.  Thanks.


  9. Let's wait and see what they report after the surgery on Wednesday.  There still is another 3 weeks before the season starts.  If we are looking at an 8-10 week time frame, then I agree, mid to late May seems like a best-case scenario.  That does still remain plausible, imo.  As it stands though, we don't know how serious the fracture is, if there needs to be any secondary surgery (ie. to remove a pin), which I suspect is not needed but it's all speculation right now.

  10. 14 minutes ago, taobball said:


    Maybe, but Segura had 41 Doubles last year after having 50 over the course of three years in Miller. I expect that number to take the sharpest hit, and it's gonna make driving in runners quite a bit harder. I expect his SLG to drop the most for people who play in those leagues. 

    Do we have any idea though about how he obtained the doubles?  I mean if you are equating a smaller park with him driving to the alleys, as opposed to down the line, etc., I'm not sure on the numbers really going down.  He's going to a bigger park, larger field, and can use his legs. That may be a wash too.

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