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  1. 4 hours ago, ItsMeMario said:

    Jean-Christophe Masson OF TOR 

    the youngest player to ever be selected in the history of the MLB Draft at only 16 years old.

    he signed for a 300k bonus as a 26th round draft pick

    They have so much faith in him that they have included a fully paid scolarship if his career doesn't pan out.

    What's the report on him?

  2. 12 hours ago, Just_A_PI said:

    That's impossible to say. The sample has been too short for both, and even more for Murphy. And what we have seen with Will Smith is how much he's been struggling those last weeks.


    That's why the question was asked, haha.  It is difficult, so I'm interested in hearing from those that have any insight to which may have a more sustainable profile.

  3. 7 hours ago, Overlord said:


    As a second baseman, probably around 120-150 in redraft, maybe 100-120 in keeper.

    As a third baseman, complete afterthought.

    I think that's a bit much.  It depends on how your team is composed, imo.  If you have a ton of power guys, but lower average types then pro-rating his numbers, even with some regression, would be more than adequate for 3B. 

  4. 9 hours ago, UberRebel said:

    This guy might be my top sleeper SP for next year. Please shut him down soon to keep the secret under wraps.

    Who does he compare to? A solid pitch repertoire that relies on a changeup...


    Is he a poorman’s right handed Cole Hamels? Or Kyle Hendricks with a higher ceiling?

    Hendricks may be a good comp, but so far he's shown the ability to strike guys out at a higher rate.

  5. 3 hours ago, TribeFoo said:

    100% correct. I remember reading quotes from him along the lines that he didn’t think he deserved to be sent down this last time. Maybe there is something brewing behind the scenes. He has nothing left to prove at AAA and at this point I wonder why they called him back up at all.

    I agree.  It is completely bizarre.  Lowe's bat deserves to be in the lineup everyday.  TBay and their analytics perhaps?  I have no clue, but if that's all it is, then they are outsmarting themselves.  Kid looks like a guy that they could really use.

  6. 48 minutes ago, Tryptamine said:

    Long overdue for his own thread. Anyways, he played his first game last night after a long lay off thanks to a pitch in the hand. He went 3/4 with a HR,BB and SB raising the season line to .305/.381/.525 with an 8.8BB% and 18.6K%. Because of the missed time, due to the hand injuries, he may see some repeat time in A ball, but he's also a guy who should see various top 100 lists in the off season.

    Agree absolutely.  Posted about him in "Deep Sleepers" earlier this year.  He was a two-sport athlete, who had not committed to playing baseball full-time until recently.  Taking that into account, it makes his year even more impressive, imo, in a pitcher-friendly league.  Unfortunate that he got injured a couple times that put him on the IL, otherwise, I would have expected him making a jump onto most Top 100 lists (had he played and performed over the full season).  I would still anticipate he will get on some lists, but he may be still a bit of a sleeper for some leagues going into next year.  For me, if he is available in your league, I would grab him.

  7. 1 hour ago, Cmilne23 said:

    Nobody said drop him.  It’s fair to have people point out flaws so posters can analyze all angles.  If every thread was one big circle jerk it wouldn’t do anyone any good.  He’s had a historic start.  Baseball is a strange game though.  Will be an interesting guy to follow to see who he truly is.

    I agree.  I don't think we can just discount the K rate.  Look, he just past Rhys Hoskins for the fastest HR start in league history.  That's super impressive and it should reinforce the power is real.  But we should remember how Rhys Hoskins came out of the gate and it is a good reminder when looking at him now in terms of where is average may go.  Does it mean that Aquino's average will drop dramatically like Hoskins?  No.  But it does serve food for thought and there will be some regression, it's just a matter of where you believe his average will wind up on the spectrum.

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  8. Really struggle with his profile.  The power is great, but the K's are super concerning. Yes, he's young but the bat has to play because he really is only a 1B type.  Now one important thing to consider is if the NL goes the DH route, he fits the mold and it would seem to be something the League is considering but may take a year or two to implement.  That would likely coincide with Martin's ETA to the majors.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, FouLLine said:

    So here's my breakdown on Aquino.  I get most people are calling for regression on him.  Which obviously the guy isn't going to slug .800 all season.


    So while I understand there is a small sample size here you also have to take into consideration the strength of the sample.  Also a key note about Aquino is in spring training he opened up his batting stance and things just started to "click" for him.  Notice he he OPSed just a shade under 1k in AAA.


    So while Aquino is certain to not maintain this, what would his 2020 season look like?  .275 with 40 HRs (I think this is conservative honestly).  That's essentially a younger Giancarlo Stanton minus all the injury history.  

    Funny, I was going to post a .265-.270 avg with 40HRs.

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  10. 3 hours ago, pbjfb said:

    Any chance he comes up in September or is it just gonna be Matt Manning this year?

    Don't think he'll get a sniff this year.  Also, I think the issue with Skubal not being ranked as highly is that there is concern in his secondary pitches.  I believe it was Kiley McDaniels during a recent FG chat that said that Skubal's fastball and command of it is one of the better ones in the minors, but there is concern about having a plus second pitch and likely needs to add an average to plus third offering before they will rank him higher.

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  11. 24 minutes ago, TheBigBambino said:


    Where are you hearing this?

    I have not read anything that he will miss 'weeks', but he did have an MRI and MLB.com is reporting that he 'may' land on the IL.  Francona noted that they wanted more 'eyes' on the MRI results.  Sounds like it might be something that sends him to the IL, but it's still not clear, and if he does, for how long remains to be seen.

  12. 1 hour ago, KilloWertz said:

    Went back and watched his AB.  Didn't know it, but they said he's had a bad wrist for the last 2 weeks.  It comes and goes, but obviously it came with a fury tonight.  Ramirez swung and missed, and was in severe pain after the swing.  He was obviously taken out, but hopefully it's nothing serious.  Otherwise I give up.

    Any update from the broadcast on Jo-Ram?

  13. On 8/19/2019 at 11:58 AM, brockpapersizer said:

    His AAA numbers are very Aquino esque, but he's going to a much worse park

    2-4 with a double and another HR last night.  That's already his 10th home run in 67ABs with his new AAA team, bringing his season total between AA-AAA to 35Hrs.  

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