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  1. Meh. Sure more homers, but a better average on the road by quite a margin, so not sure the home park was 'that' favourable overall. Also, no homers in Yankee Stadium or Fenway. The Marlins just moved in their fences, which is not insignificant. Also, Cole just got added to the AL East, but I agree there's still probably more talented pitching in the NL East. Overall, maybe a slight downgrade but I see it more or less as a wash.
  2. Part of the argument in favour of the move is that, outside of LA, that division's pitching is not very good or at least is comparable. The Padres, arguably, have the best staff after the Dodgers, so looking at the Rockies, Giants (sans Bumgarner) and DBacks is not overly intimidating.
  3. I tend to agree. Now, if he can pull that average up to .260 with 40+ hrs hitting 4-5th in that lineup (hopefully with Lindor in it) then he becomes a real bargain in the likely rounds he'll be going.
  4. Rays moved him around a bit in the lineup, all things being equal with the Pads present lineup as being the one that opens the 2020 season, where do you think he will bat in the order?
  5. Per RW, Pham has been dealt from the Rays to Padres. Not sure if this is a positive or negative. Perhaps the Padres run more than the Rays and there is a better supporting cast around him. What do you guys think?
  6. Agree with the other. Have been in Yahoo for over 15 years, and for sure, as stated these are the position eligibility requirements. One caveat, if they start 2 games at SS and 3 games at 2B, for instance, then they would qualify for MI and NOT either of the positions if your league has the MI/CI designations.
  7. Aren't the Orioles also in full tank mode though? I'm not sure until seeing what each lineup looks like heading into the season we will be in any position to comment on 2020 runs. Arguably, Villar was one of the reasons they scored that many (more) runs!
  8. Per RW, it sounds like they will also try him in the Spring at 3B and OF. If he could have position eligibility at 2B/SS/3B/OF (plus CI and MI if your league has those designations) that would be huge!
  9. Good point. However, IF Cole and/or Stras end up in the AL East, then while still not as strong as the NL East they do have some pretty good arms there too (Snell, Morton, Severino, Sale).
  10. Barring an injury, or position conversion, the addition of Villar likely means Diaz is either a bench bat or back in the minors next year.
  11. I guess Isan Diaz is now on the outside looking in for a roster spot. My belief is that Villar will still be plenty valuable. In that diamond, he can surely take advantage of his speed. Not sure if Mattingly is a guy that usually gives his guys the green light. Any Marlins fans know? Given the O's lineup was rather terrible, I can't imagine he won't put up similar runs but the RBIs and HRs will decline, imo. but his other stats should remain relatively the same.
  12. Hopefully there will be more clarity later this afternoon. If he is a true GTD then with the late game and lineups locking, it's unfortunate that folks will have to make a decision to either ride with him or bench him not knowing.
  13. I'm saying that a lot of (fantasy) prospect sites have Vaughan ahead of pretty much all of them regardless 5 cat v. 4 cat. For sure, it would seem that there are some that think otherwise, that's all. haha.
  14. Since this was a draft of prospect mavens, gives a good sense of how guys are viewed, imo. A bit surprised to see Vaughan fall to #26, which is after CJ Abrams (obviously someone is a big believer) and also Bobby Witt.
  15. Yes, I suspect he will go very high in most drafts.
  16. What do you think the plan is with Andujar? Seems like Urshela has firmly planted himself in the Yanks long-term plans.
  17. Hats off to J-Ram, what a competitor. Silencing those that were worrying about a return of his power.
  18. That's why the question was asked, haha. It is difficult, so I'm interested in hearing from those that have any insight to which may have a more sustainable profile.
  19. I think that's a bit much. It depends on how your team is composed, imo. If you have a ton of power guys, but lower average types then pro-rating his numbers, even with some regression, would be more than adequate for 3B.
  20. Hendricks may be a good comp, but so far he's shown the ability to strike guys out at a higher rate.
  21. I agree. It is completely bizarre. Lowe's bat deserves to be in the lineup everyday. TBay and their analytics perhaps? I have no clue, but if that's all it is, then they are outsmarting themselves. Kid looks like a guy that they could really use.
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