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  1. He's getting his first taste of big league action. Not everyone hits the ground running. From what I've seen, he has not been swinging wildly or just going up hacking. It seems he does have a plan but just has been fooled on some quality big league stuff and some of the Ks as a result have been looking rather than him just hacking, as mentioned. It takes time for most guys his age to adjust. IF you are relying on him this year, then I would not be expecting much out of him. The Marlins have nothing to play for, so they are better served giving the kid every day ABs to see what they have.
  2. Ya, my perspective is they don't rank him because he has almost no defensive ability. They were way down on Alonso, I believe, as well for the same reason. If Martin continue to hit with the power he has shown thus far, there is a chance he can carve out a role. I like him and I think he is undervalued fantasy guy. As for sites, I like Eric Cross at Fantrax and RazzBall are good. On RW, there are a number of great posters, @brockpapersizer and @garlando are two of the guys I respect greatly, but there are a lot of other knowledgeable guys too. So, if you are looking for up and comer
  3. @Golden Spikes - I know you are a big Pads guy and respect your opinion. What do you think of France? Obviously, the juiced ball has to be taken into account, but his numbers even factoring in same are still crazy good. Do you think he gets any shot with the Pads before year end, outside of a September call-up, and is there any path to playing time?
  4. Remember that sites like FG value defense and are not concerned about Fantasy. They do have guys that comment on fantasy appeal. Why he does not get love on most non-fantasy sites is that he is limited to first base only and for most prospect evaluators that puts tremendous pressure on the bat to make it. He reminds me a lot of Dan Vogelbach. There is no question the power and walk rates are impressive, but he might have a hard time having a BA over .250 unless he refines his approach.
  5. Struck out 7 of 10 batters he faced. Let's just hope the injuries are a temporary glitch in what will be a great career.
  6. 2-4 3run jack. He's already hit 7HRs in 80ABs hitting .300 with a ridiculous .613SLG% and .950OPS. If he's not called up beforehand, he should be up in September.
  7. How 'bout Big Pun with a punishing bomb as the moniker for every HR? I don't think I'll ever come up with another "Stan-Ton", that one stuck for sure.
  8. Big Pun, lock it in. That's the nickname boys. Queue the music.
  9. Back to beast mode. 6IP, 3hits, 0ER, 0BB, 8Ks
  10. And if he can't swing a bat? I don't think this is a matter of a guy just playing through some tightness in his hamstring, which as a DH is less of a concern, the point is that he has a wrist sprain. That could mean a number of things in terms of how quickly it heals or doesn't heal. It's speculation right now, but given he was out a month the last time I say the odds are significantly higher than you suggest. There is no point having him in the lineup if he can't actually make hard contact. You are not getting any defensive value as a tradeoff.
  11. Not sure what they diagnosed him with the last time he hurt the wrist, but it is the same one. It's rather telling he was not able to finish the AB, because Cruz does not strike me as a guy who would just come out for something that he felt was minor. Perhaps, he was nervous with it given he was out a month last time. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have him pick up a bat to swing for a number of days.
  12. So, how do you guys like the nickname "Big Pun" for Aristides!?!
  13. Hitting the ground running in Kane County. 2-3 with a 3B and HR so far tonight.
  14. Has been a 'guy' for a couple years now. I see some Oscar Mercado fantasy appeal if things break right. Just needs an opportunity to get regular ABs.
  15. He's got some work to do to continue lowering that K-rate. Still, the power is legit. 6Hrs in less than 100Abs, as a 20 year old, in the FSL is pretty impressive. Let's hope he continues to make adjustments so that he is not just a 3-true outcome guy.
  16. Great call Brock! Hoping he hits the ground running.
  17. Bounced back tonight. 5IP, 1hit, 0ER, 0BB, 10Ks.
  18. Really tough to say. There are not that many hitters that have this kind of surgery. The returns are mixed from those that return, some come back without issue, others do not. If the Yanks do not move him in the off-season, I suspect they will give him a long look in ST. There is risk though that he will not return to his stats from last year.
  19. Bell is trying to play the analytics/stats game to give his team the best chance to win on a nightly basis. That I can't blame him for, I guess, but for fantasy it really is going to be annoying if there is some kind of multi-player platoon going on with VanMeter, Aquino and Ervin. And long term, at some point you have to see what you have in a guy and let him struggle against LHP/RHP, depending on the weakness, and let them see if they can figure it out. This is especially true for a non-contending team.
  20. Yes, I know. Just curious. Has your assessment changed and what are your thoughts for him moving forward?
  21. He seems pretty streaky this year. That sucks for guys in weekly lineups, but hard to justify letting him go in deeper leagues. He could just as easily start another hot streak and you want to be on-board when he does. His career numbers suggest that his .280 average would stand to regress but likewise, I think he should get back to the .270 range by season's end. He is an everyday starter as well and hits in a prime counting stats position in the lineup.
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