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  1. Sucks, the talent is there .. just hope they develop some sort of passing game in Baltimore. Doesn’t look good though with Lamar.
  2. Assuming Drake is gone, what does his outlook look like if he is the starter in Arizona?
  3. You think Gus can rip off a 72 yarder like that? When you have a guy like that you give him 20-25 touches a game
  4. Where do you guys think he get drafted next year?
  5. Where does get drafted next year assuming he’s the lead back with Gus used sparingly?
  6. Who is a better dynasty prospect ... Akers or Dobbins?
  7. What round does Dobbins gets drafted next year?
  8. Yeah super sad. Really young, but was a huge guy. Probably too much stress on the heart
  9. Do you think he’ll be extra motivated since the real Deebo passed away yesterday?lol
  10. Deebo plays against Washington Hollywood at Cleveland
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