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  1. Really not sure why he isn't 100% owned. He's a top 30 SP. Yes, I know what I'm saying when I say that. And I'm sure I'm right.
  2. I am not a hard core Dodgers fan. I AM a Brock Stewart fan. But I also am someone who sold him as a kicker to get Jose Quintana in an NL Only. Brock could be something relevant. He won't be that in LA. Sell your shares now that the deadline has passed. He won't be starting much going forward. Too bad, he has talent.
  3. To give you an example, he's sitting on my bench for Pat freaking Valaika in an NL only league. He's been on waivers in my 12 team mixed for 7 weeks. If you own him in a mixed (of less than 20 teams) it's long past time. If you own him in an NL only league he's worth benching for a few weeks to see if he rebounds. No, I'm not joking, or trolling, this is a serious response.
  4. Coming into this year ESPn had him like 25th at 3B. I was beside myself with laughter. Let's all laugh at Eric(k?) Karabell for that non-sense. This guy is a top 5 3Bman.
  5. First game I missed in the last 4 (had to work), but the stat line looks impressive. Loving this kid going forward. Eno Sarris hung a future strong #2SP on him in his chat yesterday. He's a mainstay in my dynasty league.
  6. Yeah, I mean, this is a guy who should NOT be on waivers in any league. We can debate whether we should start him. But he needs to be owned. Way over big names like Verlander at this point.
  7. God, I love this freaking guy. Check out the first page, I was the original driver of this bus. May it take us to the promised land fellas!
  8. Promoted to AA. A bit odd, since he just got done re-habbing to get back to high-A. But he's a stud and I'm sure he can handle it.
  9. I'm pretty convinced Rosenthal is the closer in STl, and unlike some on this thread I think he easily runs with the gig.
  10. ^^^Agreed that the Nats would need more than just Martinez for Robles. But Wilson and Martinez for Robles (plus a low level guy) might make sense. Like I've said earlier, if I'm Rizzo I wait to see what the market dictates knowing my team would benefit from upgrades at #3-4 SP, CL and LF
  11. Now that Ross is done for the year, and Roark has turned into a pumpkin - and Gio is kinda propped up by numbers that may or may not fall off a cliff, I'd almost argue SP might be the way to go. But the Nats have such a comfortable lead that if I was Rizzo I'd let the market decide where I upgraded at this point. They could use another SP, another OF and another RP. Explore all avenues and make the deal that makes the most sense.
  12. Congrats fiveohnine, you've now made into the rotoworld hall of shame that I have for awful trolls. Have fun hanging out with NYmetsfan5. You two deserve each other. And if somehow you're blinded by this statement. Both you and NYmetsfan5 bring no positive value to the forums. You simply pick a half dozen players each year and rail against them without reason, fact or sensible arguments. You simply want to be in a debate where you're the uninformed minority and rail against the reasoned many. Congrats, you got a rise out of everyone, I hope this fulfills your life sir.
  13. ^^^^In what world is JD Martinez on the bench as a member of the Nationals? Even if you state Harper won't play CF, he can only play one corner OF position. JD Martinez plays the other. Werth, Taylor, Goodwin, etc. None of those guys would move JD to the bench, as you state. Taylor's not really all that special. Goodwin's not a starting worthy OF for a playoff caliber team. Same goes for Werth at this point. I still feel WAS should be focused on SP or a closer, but Martinez would be a great addition and is a fit nonetheless.
  14. Cecil blows it. Tie game. Runner on 2nd 1 out.
  15. I don't see how he's not ownable in all but leagues w/ less than 10 teams at this point. I've watched his last two starts and I'm extremely impressed. The HR Rendon hit and the double Murphy hit weren't on bad pitches. I didn't see anything over the middle either tonight or against Ari last week. I personally think he's got a good chance to be this year's version of Degrom when he came up (not a big prospect, but throws heat with interesting secondaries). He wasn't high on pre-season lists because he hadn't developed his non-fastball pitches well in Miami. Cin has addressed the issue. I love h
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