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  1. For value, I just traded Ekeler for Barkley straight up. I can wait. The Barkley owner was 1-2, and had her RB on a by in week 4. I think it was actually a pretty fair trade given the uncertainty of both players. Even if Melvin comes back, Ekeler has RB2 value in PPR. Get points now, or miss playoffs and have points later?? That was my point to them.
  2. I have Alvin, Melvin G Leo and Eckler as my RBs. I'm 3-0. Do you think it would be smart to trade off Eckler now to get Barkley even if he would be out until week 12 possibly? The Barkley owner is 1-2 now.
  3. just crap he is resting. Not hurt..and 2 games away from 82. What, are they saving him for the post season?
  4. 50/50 call on him vs McGee for this week. I needed FT% too, so went TB. Not impressed as well.
  5. He's getting another one during all-star break according to the writeup.
  6. Na, can't be. Because the other team would have already picked him up by now.
  7. I was able to get Zach Lavine for him today. The doomsday article today about Zach getting shut down help me push him in the right direction. Reason I posted was to confirm, both Ibaka and Zack are in mid 50's for 9-cat value right now. That seems to be the sweet spot to buy or sell DMC.
  8. I kept telling myself that last year where the dude was punched in the face, that Lauri was a temp thing and when he got back that it would affect him. But, in the end, it didn't. In the end, production is production and if Bobby can do well in 2 months, who knows what role he might have when Lauri gets back. But I'm done trying to guess if a guy is gonna get demoted once another player comes back if he's played well.
  9. Too busy running point guard with Jose and Hill out. 14 more assist last night...good for another dozen tonight.
  10. He was joking about shaving his unibrow on twitter today...I don't think he'd do that if he was gonna be out. Bad optics
  11. I think he will still do ok. Dray is a low usage guy, and Quinn kinda flopped as a shooter last night. I'm hoping with them having to guard Durant and Dray, that Quinn will get better looks than he did last night. Plus, the minutes will be there, and they need to mesh since curry will be out first round. I'm holding to see how the 3 play together. Then re-evaluate with Klay gets back.
  12. Ya, know....they should have just keep the pedal going all game. Let Kemba get his 81. Show them the consequences of tanking...Embarrass the franchise and the team. This coach should have to have the distinction of having the worse loss in NBA history. This isn't 7th grade middle school...this is the National Basketball Association. The Hornets could have hung their hat on that achievement like that in a lost season. They beat them by 61...they were 7 points from the record. Putting it all out there, they could have easily had a 75 point lead. eh, still good...but, one of these days, a team needs to do that to a tanker....just play hard all 4 quarters and show the tankers there are consequences to not fielding your best squad when healthy....hell, Adam Silver doesn't even know Memphis exists. </end rant>
  13. Is this game even being played today? Snow and all?
  14. GURRRR. At least we have more notice today
  15. I added, and have Tyreke...so, I'm hoping both are productive.
  16. Knee contusion... Plus, they just signed John Stockon's son.....
  17. ehhh, don't get greedy....regular reke usage is probably just right.
  18. That's just the polar opposite. Sigh.....beat writers
  19. It can be a drag going against stacked days. We have a team that stocked up on Sixers, Clippers and Lakers. In the finals, he's got a 9 game advantage over any team. Sometimes its luck, but in this case, he traded for Simmons, Dario, Lou Williams and DeAndre throughout the season. He got lucky as he had Tobias and IT before they were traded. It's not really yahoo's fault...lopsided NBA days are more the culprit there. Still sucks, as I always make the wrong decision on who to sit...
  20. Plus, I'd assume Tyreke would want to play if he could, to try to shake the injury prone label going into Free Agency after a stellar bounce-back year.
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