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  1. The haters haven't been able to get a word in since that first game either. And likely won't for a while now. He is looking like the next big thing, not just for fantasy owners but for the NBA.
  2. There is not a defined pecking order on that roster like there was in Brooklyn, who also had him on limited minutes with Kyrie and KD playing. There is absolutely no reason he can't shine.
  3. Maybe they'll be one tomorrow. Check back with us.
  4. With Killian out indefinitely and Blake routinely being rested, any wording on if Rose starts from here on out? Should get all the touches and minutes he can handle.
  5. There isn't one reason that LaMelo should be getting less than 28 minutes. He is league's better than Graham and has the size to play any lineup. Rozier isn't the future of this team either. He should be seeing 28-32 minutes minimum. Pointless debate anywho because we all know he will be starting and getting those minutes come next month anyway.
  6. Looks like another Frank Ntilikina in the making. A raw rookie getting minutes and consistently doing nothing. Its a shame because he looked like a good prospect before the draft. I would wait for a good game and sell high in all leagues.
  7. He won't get any burn on that roster and I think he would be extremely lucky to see a consistent 15 minutes at that. Better options out there for sixth men.
  8. And this is coming off the bench. Fantasy ceiling through the roof.
  9. He looks like the best rookie in this draft class with the highest upside. He looks fantastic out there.
  10. I'll take the 6/6/6/5 line every day of the week. The steals and blocks have been a pleasant surprise. More 3's and I'm good.
  11. Just off'd Embiid off my roster for Boxer Portis. Thoughts guys?
  12. Not buying just yet in standards. There seems to be a timeshare going down here and of course.....Brooklyn.
  13. Lonzo isn't the only rookie who is shooting like dog turd by the way. Malik Monk: 1-9 FG 7-14 FG 1-6 FG 2-7 FG 1-9 FG 31.1 FG% Markelle Fultz: 1-4 1-5 2-9 5-9 33.3 FG% And these two were considered better shooters than Lonzo. So unless you want to close the book on all three rookies being permanently bad shooters long term, we need to allow the season to play out before making such reactionary takes on Lonzo. We all know these guys are better shooters than the numbers indicat
  14. I agree but based on his college numbers, Lonzo will shoot better. Unless you believe he suddenly just forgot how to shoot when making the jump to the NBA. Wall was bad in high school and in Kentucky. I basing this purely on Lonzo's UCLA numbers, which indicate he is a vastly better shooter then what these first 5 games show, AND that he will have less of a up hill learning curve than Wall did so with improving his jumper. I think we both know 8PPG is a bit of a hyperbole.
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