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  1. Feel bad for him! I have been following him for a long time, and can’t wait for him to make it to the majors. When he does, he’ll be the first player ever raised in Honduras to do so, which will feel great for him
  2. Yea I saw he tops out at around 93, but read that it plays faster than that. But its decent, and that combined with the fact he has had really high strikeout rates in college/minors and great control makes him pretty enticing. Pretty decent floor at least
  3. He has always had a ridiculous strikeout-rate, so I'v wondered why scouts think he has a low ceiling (it seems).
  4. I liked perdomo but he should not have skipped AA and AAA. He should have started off in the minors last year. Seems they learned their lesson in developing rule 5 players with miguel diaz. Him getting 160 innings last year in the majors, when he obviously wasnt ready, is how you dont develop raw players with high potential
  5. I’m a huge fan of dick lovelady as well. I’m holding in a deep dynasty league, but when was the last time a dominant milb rp became a closer. Bedrosian and then who?
  6. Yea this is going to be an interesting year. Has so many tools, but really needs to show some progress in triple a this season. From everything i have read, he seems like a first in, last one leaving, kind of worker. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see some progress, though him getting close to league average in strikeout rates would be shocking
  7. More lurkers like me need to contribute a bit more! sickles and fangraphs are great. The top 20 (or is it 30) for mlb’s pipeline is pretty underrated.
  8. David Murphy!!! But yea these are the rare exceptions obviously to his general rule
  9. I don't know enough about Otani outside of what I have read this offseason, but I otherwise have Honeywell #1, then Whitley. I always enjoy the mlb.com lists over through February
  10. I agree that he has the highest ceiling in the twins system, though would probably still take Romero or Gonsalves over him at this point. But definitely a high ceiling type of guy, that could shoot up to top 100 lists with a solid year. John Sickels is also a fan, and I believe he is a twins fan with a good feel for their system.
  11. Heh, that’s the real answer. But I looked it up and was thinking of Jordan Luplow. He may be a starting outfielder on opening day, but I imagine only to warm up Meadow’s spot barring great production He was a third rounder, and last year was his age 23 season. In AA, hit for .287 with 16 HRs in 254 ABs. In AAA, hit over 300 with 7 homeruns in 160 ABs. All with a good walk and strikeout rate.
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