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  1. Nah. He gets injured a lot when he has to play big minutes.
  2. Sounds like you have never seen TJ Warren play in Phoenix. Last year he was one of the best players in the league in points per touch. He doesn't need the ball in his hands at all. He's a finisher, not a playmaker/creator.
  3. Whatever. Ayton will be shooting threes next season. Monty: Ayton:
  4. Wrong. You seem to think that instead of taking layups and dunks he will be shooting threes next year. As I said in my previous post, last year he shot 34% from long mid-range on 1.5 FGA per game. These are the shots that will be replaced almost entirely by threes next year. His shot distribution at the rim will be the same.
  5. He will not be taking 3 3PA per game. That's crazy. Last year he shot 44/127 (34.6%) from long mid-range. That's only 1.5 long jumper per game. Next season he won't be shooting more than 1-1.5 3PA/G and it won't have any negative impact on his FG%.
  6. I'd bet my left nut that he won't average more than 6-6.5 rebounds per game. It's always been his huge weakness.
  7. Rebounding is a big weakness too for a big man.
  8. Yeah, Rozier is such a great playmaker Assists per 36 minutes: Booker 7.1 Jamal 6.7 Melton 5.7 Okobo 4.7 Rozier 4.4
  9. That's ridiculous. For the season Basketball Monster has them ranked: 27th Ayton 46th Siakam 79th Doncic
  10. Having energetic defenders like Melton, Oubre and Bridges instead of old garbage like Ariza and Canaan makes huge difference for him. These guys actually slow down some of their opponents and Ayton has much more time to react and contest some shots at the rim.
  11. FG%, FT% and rebounds? Yes, definitely. ROS he should average more points and blocks than his current season numbers.
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