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  1. Makes a lot of sense if Philly is willing to spend the money.
  2. A nice gamble on the Mets part. They have the depth and financial resources to weather that deal if he gets hurt and/or under performs.
  3. I feel like he gets drafted as early as he does because there is a decent drop off from him to the next best catcher. (There was a time when Gary Sanchez could be included with him.) But he's the safest pick at the position.
  4. They just found out how to set someone up for life at a manageable AAV. There’s definite risk involved at 14 years for someone with a limited (but tantalizing) track record at the big leagues and some injury in his catalog, but it could also easily prove to be one of those deals that work out for the majority of its duration. It will be interesting to get the full details of this one. Curious to see if there are any opt outs. As nice as $340 million is, if Tatis continues at his current trajectory, I would imagine there will come a point were he realizes he might "onl
  5. Bradley Jr would be a perfect get for them. But they still need some pitching if they want to be able to legitimately competitive.
  6. That typically means you have none. Kind of surprised they weren't the NL East team to scoop up Kevin Pillar, honestly. But maybe they have that money set aside to fill in the bigger hole in that rotation. Odorizzi and Walker are still out there. As is your former guy, Hamels, if healthy.
  7. I am now living down in Albuquerque, home to the Rockies Triple A squad. I am assuming after the Cron signing I will be able to watch Bird (hopefully) crushing some homers at Isotopes Park. Maybe he figures something out down here and proves you correct for rooting for him.
  8. Could Bird stay healthy enough to allow that to happen? If so, that is a lot of power for Coors Field.
  9. If you are looking for power. Cron against righties, Bird (for the few games he is healthy) against the lefties? I haven't looked at their splits yet to know if that would make sense. Off topic: Rockies still have yet to sign anyone to a major league deal this offseason.
  10. I like the signing for them. They aren't going to compete anyways so an injury won't derail their season. If he performs well, a nice trading chip at the deadlie.
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