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  1. Man, this soap opera is getting less interesting as Rodgers starts coming off that ledge and softening his stance.
  2. If he and Mayfield ever get on the same page, I think Landry loses his rank in the pecking order. But I keep waiting for that to happen, and it never does. But next year will be the year!* *Which I say every year.
  3. Might not owe, but it is a courtesy I would think one would extend to someone that they supposedly respect.
  4. " NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reports Packers QB Aaron Rodgers told Green Bay free agents that he would not be with the Packers in 2021. Garafolo added that Rodgers was telling his team's free agents as early as the beginning of the 2020 season that he would be gone. He also noted that it's possible the players simply did not believe Rodgers would actually leave Green Bay, evidenced by David Bakhtiari signing a four-year extension with the team last fall. Rodgers has been disgruntled with the team for some time now but it appears like he has been planning his departure for
  5. Though, the Colts do have incentive to bench Wentz if it can prevent the pick they will give up going from a 2 to a 1. Ultimately, I think Wentz will be good enough to not get benched. But if he is as horrible with the Colts as he was with Philly last year, all bets are off.
  6. With his kidney condition, hopefully just out for contact tracing.
  7. Should have specified, he has the power assuming he is willing to sit out.
  8. Rodgers isn't without fault. But the Packers need him more than he needs them. Sucks for GB, no one enjoy catering to a moping baby, but Rodgers has the power in this situation. They had to have known last year's draft strategy would not sit well with him, yet went full speed ahead with it. Now they get to enjoy the fall back. And maybe they don't care, because I feel like an angry Rodgers is a better QB. So as long as he doesn't sit out/retire, this could be ugly but still work out for them.
  9. Then I guess it can't happen today, at least "officially."
  10. It will be interesting too how things play out with Jones. If he gets traded, and I think that can happen today, that will certainly open up some targets for Pitts.
  11. The Packers did this to themselves. I look forward to watching this soap opera play out.
  12. Who expects Jason Garrett to maximize Kadarius Toneys talents as a veteran?
  13. Packers GM threw some cool water on these rumors last night, saying they are not trading Rodgers. SF's Lynch seemed to confirmed the same thing, sharing when the Niners approached the Packers about a Rodgers trade, the conversation went nowhere.
  14. I am good with Smith. I'd have preferred Waddle (and obviously Chase, more so) but glad Roseman decided to give Hurts a weapon. Eagles are going to suck this year, the primary thing to gain from the season will be finding out what we have in Hurts, IMO. Can't accurately assess him if he isn't given some tools to succeed. Just hoping Smith can remain on the field, thinking about that can give me flashbacks to D-Jax.
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