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  1. lol goodness gracious dude they can’t all be no hitters
  2. and DeGrom wins 30 games per year? Dude you gotta stop taking Ws seriously as a category like at all when evaluating pitchers. It’s too random. Don’t rely on it
  3. I think he'll hit for a good average, but not great power. It's not realistic to expect Soto, Acuna, or Tatis like numbers from the get go. Given 3/4ths of a season I could envision say 15 HR, 10 SB, .280 AVG as a baseline, the AVG of course has a chance to be pretty good. Honestly, I think there's a possibility folks might be disappointed in his output first year or two, given his style of game isn't very flashy. Given his bat to ball skills are so special, I'm willing to ride this out for the long term. I'm envisioning a Tony Gwynn type of career with more power.
  4. For sure, he won't have a 0 ERA and no BBs the whole season but what you're seeing is a pitcher with sky high upside actually realizing his potential. There are maybe 1-2 other pitchers with his repertoire of velocity and number of pitches. And he's actually starting to look like he's gaining command of all of those pitches. Comparisons are hard but he seems like prime Justin Verlander to me right now. He's just going to flat out dominate. So he is worth a top 10-15 bat IMO - but guess what no one will actually give you that for him (I wouldn't either) until he does it for a full season,
  5. I agree with those limitations but I think people valuing him as top 5 at this point in the season are more interested in his pure skills (stuff and command) which are certainly top 5. If you own Burnes I would basically keep him. No one will give you DeGron or Cole level value for him but I think selling him anything less than that right now is selling short
  6. Serious question, could you run that again and use FB/LD instead of avg EV for all ABs? Very interested in seeing what the top 20 looks like. Great work
  7. See Josh Hader. But I hope Reyes starts because he still has ace potential. Actually, Hader and his 3 pitch mix would also be intriguing as a starter.
  8. He threw 113 pitches in his no hitter so it makes perfect sense lighten his load in the last start. Don’t overthink it. It’s early and the Padres had postseason plans
  9. Umm more like 35/25. This guy is unquestionably a top 10 player. Everyone calm down
  10. true, but smart money is still on Vaughn and Lux over Yermin and McKinley. Be patient boys
  11. Burnes is basically on the DeGrom/Bieber/Cole level now
  12. Anyone have any background on what seems like a velocity increase and improved control (so far based on limited sample size)
  13. He pitched 4 electric IP today, striking out 5 in 3.2 and one BB Don't care what league you're in. Hang onto this guy... he has major skills
  14. There’s a very legitimate path for Grisham to be a top 3 round pick next year, and possible a 1st rounder. 1. He cuts down on the Ks which helps his BA 2. He gets the green light to run a lot and his elite speed is able to capitalize that 25 HR, 25 SB, .260 is very valuable
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