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  1. Guys need help, I am commish, yahoo h2h 9 cat 3 IR spots Last week Alec Burks on Thursday was activated in real life and was started by that owner and then was somehow still saved in the IR spot for following day, friday. Anybody know what happened here? It's almost like you were able to get free thursday game, keep in mind that Burks owner had like 4-5 guys on IR and was rotating them in case one played if active. Anybody have any insight on what's going on here or seen something similar? The opposing owner is really calling foul on this one. Any insights?
  2. At our current pace I don't see us not getting it done. We will move draft back 1 to 2 hr max - draft is definitely tonight, goal is to get week 1 scoring in. Still have 4 hours for just 4 spots and 2 of those are promising to pay here shortly.
  3. 150, sorry already put at 75 dollars. Didn't want to go above that last minute. It's tougher to find guys to join and pay in that range.
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