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  1. Lmao. I owned him last year. He was cold the first 3-4 weeks of season. I know it’s a short season but he will get his.
  2. So you don’t believe China but you believe the United States Media. C’mon man.
  3. China has 1.4 Billion people. 80,000 cases of Coronavirus. 3,000 died from it. Already controlled.
  4. Your right and 34,000 deaths from the flu in the United States in 2019.
  5. I don’t think this is a conspiracy at all. I think this is serious but way over hyped. To the point where you can’t get meat and toilet paper because people are hoarding and think it’s the end of the world. If the media showed thousands of body bags from the flu each year it would be a different world. No one blinks an eye when someone has a flu even though it’s a serious deadly killer. They don’t shut things down for that though. On a side note, people used to laugh at me because I’m a germaphobe and always carrying hand sanitizer wherever I go. Well those same people now are doing the
  6. Exactly my point. You have less than 1% of dying from this virus. Media hyping this **** to unbelievable heights. CBS just got busted for showing fake footage of a NY hospital. It was actually Italy hospitals they were showing. Like the one guy on CNN said the other day, “The fear and paranoia from this virus will be far worse than the virus itself”. Folks I’m not saying this isn’t serious by any means but this hype train is real.
  7. You have better odds dying in a car accident tomorrow.
  8. Higher death rate? 66,000 died last year from the flu
  9. Do you know how many healthy young adults and children die from the flu each and every year? But no one hypes that up.
  10. This guy is starting to remind me of Laurence “Bologna” Maroney.
  11. Absolutely. That’s what this offense is missing right now.
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