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  1. Can someone text McSexy? Think he's sleeping, wanted to be texted. EDIT: Forget it, he's there.
  2. HighlanderZ just took Rothlisberger. McSexy is up, then me.
  3. Round 1 1 - HighLanderZ - Ladanian Tomlinson (SD) 2 - Dr Mcsexy - Adrian Peterson (MIN) 3 - RotoRaysFan - Stephen Jackson (STL) 4 - Boz - Joseph Addai (IND) 5 - MustacheToes - Frank Gore (SF) 6 - GBPig - Marshawn Lynch (BUF) 7 - Gonzo - Brian Westbrook (PHI) 8 - dodgerblues - Tom Brady (NE) 9 - sLim - Marion Barber (DAL) 10 - ArizonaSamson - Randy Moss (NE) 11 - nickalero - Reggie Bush (NO) 12 - spundin - Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX) Round 2 13 - spundin - Clinton Portis (WAS) 14 - nickalero - Ryan Grant (GB) 15 - ArizonaSamson - Peyton Manning (IND) 16 - sLim - Reggie Wayne (IND
  4. OK, I'm AFK for the next couple of hours - text me at my cell if my turn comes up, and I'll sneak back in.
  5. I'll do it, but it will take me 3 mins to type. LOL. EDIT: HighlanderZ beat me to it.
  6. He took Manning. And, no, not Archie. Or Eli.
  7. P.S. You need GBPig99 to post his contact info, too.
  8. sLim takes Reggie Wayne, db takes Larry Johnson.
  9. Clearly FFB-specific forums are a specific threat to productivity, whereas RW forums *increase* productivity.
  10. In a dynasty setup, I think bye weeks become less important.
  11. He took Reggie Bush @ #11, then Ryan Grant @ #14.
  12. Text sent to nick, hopefully he'll choose soon. EDIT: Man, I need to get faster at texting. LOL 'Zona, he took Ryan Grant
  13. LOL, better get 'Zona back here, he's going to be up again in a few mins.
  14. Damn, my work PC froze before I could PM him.
  15. He's online here now, shooting him a PM.
  16. I see he logged in here last at 1230 PM, so at least he's awake, LOL. Get him to post his contact info - that way we can text him at 5 AM local time tomorrow, to get him to pick. Note to self: Turn cellphone off tonight.
  17. Damn, db logged off - looks like KG took his pick, LOL. Ah well, hopefully we'll hear soon. EDIT: Yup, he took Brady.
  18. So, Westbrook finally falls to #7 with KG. I e-mailed db, as he asked in the Forum page, so hopefully we should move to #9 soon enough. EDIT: Geez, he's already online there. Gotta love technology.
  19. Since people are around, MT, not a big deal today, but sometime can you change the forum clock? I keep looking for new posts, and then thinking we're drafting somewhere between New Zealand and Hawaii, LOL. (I suppose I could use the new page icon to tell me who's posted, but that would require actual work).
  20. BTW, I left my cellphone # on the website so you can text me if I'm up today. P.S. So, neither of you wanted to be *original* and not go LT/AP 1-2? PFFT. So boooooring.
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