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  1. lol you guys are all so fragile...just sit tight and after a handful of games you'll have good production. Don't need to over-exaggerate and get so emotional every single game.
  2. Double digit PPR performances are a dime a dozen...it is full PPR after all.
  3. lol...you are so over-emotional. Take a chill pill, summers.
  4. Absolutely. Just start him in games where he's likely to see 25+ minutes and it all works itself out. At this point he's just a plug and play twice a week or so and I'm happy enough with what he puts up.
  5. lol, you guys get so emotional. Perfect buy low if the Green owner in your league is as high-strung as the divas in this thread.
  6. I really doubt anyone disagreed about him having a good game with higher minutes. Unfortunately, its pretty worthless outside of a 1 game sample because AD will be back for the next one.
  7. :fail: Gotta love that not only did he come back, but he hit leadoff and smashed a homer.
  8. We didn't really learn any of those things. One game doesn't mean RBs aren't hindered by weather or that RBs don't get benched after a full practice on Friday.
  9. Probably those who read the news reports saying he'll be back today, obviously.
  10. Sure it can hurt you. If/when you waste your #1 waiver and the guy you miss out on next week becomes a stud.
  11. Drop him unless you're in a deep and/or competitive league where possible starting RBs are on the waiver wire.
  12. Everyone knows what he's "going to demand". That's not a question. The question is whether or not they should pay him that $ two seasons before his rookie contract is even played out. And the answer is definitely "NO"...unless they want to cripple their franchise (again).
  13. Are some people in this thread seriously trying to argue that Smith has an equal chance of getting hurt on the bench as he has throwing 90+mph pitches on the mound? Have we really reached the point where we are so obtuse that we completely throw common sense out the window based on studies that we clearly don't understand? Every single pitch carries risk, so limiting the # of pitches clearly limits the risk of injury. What the study is claiming isn't contrary to this. What the study is claiming is that each additional pitch doesn't carry MORE risk than the past pitch. It's a sim
  14. Obviously because he's pitching against a top 2 offense in a very HR heavy ballpark.
  15. Pretty dumb to compare those two ABs. Of course your swing will look different when you're reaching for something low and away vs. something up high
  16. It's not "catching a break", it's control over his slider and curve. He's not hitting his spots this season.
  17. Calling this kid a 'stud' is beyond ridiculous. He was pretty good for a short stretch and now he's been terrible for a short stretch. At this point, he's looking very mediocre. A little upside at best, and a whiffing machine at worst. He's barely rosterable. The small sample size has caught up and we now know what he is.
  18. Don't base his future production on the putrid start he had to the season. He is fully expected to put up MUCH better numbers than he was "to start the season".
  19. Well at least they plunked him on the 4th AB to save him from the shame sombrero.
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