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  1. 21 hours ago, Flamez said:

    It’s a shoulder strain. He’ll be back first game after all star break ready to go. I don’t mean to be rude and this isn’t just at you this is more for everyone but holy fuk everyone here is overreacting like a bunch of pussies. He got injured. Now they’re being cautious. He’s at home instead of being a useless waste on the bench and rather he’s at home getting treatment so he can be back soon. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, if he was seriously injured they would say so. End of story. 


    LOL. Epic. Eeeeeeepic fail.


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  2. 35 minutes ago, nmartinez12443 said:

    Hes had 3 straight double digit full ppr performances. Now he plays Houston in perfect weather and they are only 900 yards aways from breaking the nfl passing record and they WANT that record. Houston will score and even if they don't they will give it to Winston who will throw at least 40 times. He will get at least 8 targets. 


    Double digit PPR performances are a dime a dozen...it is full PPR after all.

  3. 5 hours ago, mattshhh said:

    Replacing his defensive triple-doubles is pretty much the least solvable problem. Has anyone in a categories league had luck reworking their team to roll with this mess? I feel like I have to punt 2 cats to have a chance at this point 💩💩


    Absolutely. Just start him in games where he's likely to see 25+ minutes and it all works itself out. At this point he's just a plug and play twice a week or so and I'm happy enough with what he puts up.

  4. On ‎4‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 8:07 PM, dashoe said:

    I don't think it's improbable, shady deals do exist in the world.

    There are so many ways to hide financial transactions that no one would be privy too. real estate, artwork, equity in private companies and jewelry are some of the easiest ways to hide money.

    Why do you think wealthy people spend millions on art? It's a stored value of wealth that can be liquidated in a private and unregulated market.

    Who's to know if Kraft bought a painting for 1million that is now worth 5mm and privately sold it to Brady at cost?

    No one.😱

    Brady just happens to have a house on a 5 acre property next door to patriots owner kraft. how many multi-millionaires have next door homes to billionaires? 👀



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  5. 21 minutes ago, Brownsfan74 said:

    Well, what did we learn yesterday?

    - The order in which RBs go through pregame warmups (at least for the Chiefs) is irrelevant to who starts.

    - When the starter gets a full practice in on Friday, you should expect him to start unless he is inactive.

    - Bad weather (as long as it's not too windy) is not a significant hindrance to a running back.  Both the Chiefs and Ravens went bonkers on the ground despite wet conditions.


    We didn't really learn any of those things. One game doesn't mean RBs aren't hindered by weather or that RBs don't get benched after a full practice on Friday.

  6. Just now, gufomel said:


    Absolutely they can factor it in. And if they don’t want to sign him to a big contract because they think he’s a big off the field risk, then that’s fine. But I haven’t seen any indication that they are concerned about locking themselves into him long-term. They’ve already offered him a big contract, just not #1 RB money which an RB who was drafted 4th overall and exceeded expectations is going to demand.


    Everyone knows what he's "going to demand". That's not a question. The question is whether or not they should pay him that $ two seasons before his rookie contract is even played out. And the answer is definitely "NO"...unless they want to cripple their franchise (again).

  7. Are some people in this thread seriously trying to argue that Smith has an equal chance of getting hurt on the bench as he has throwing 90+mph pitches on the mound?

    Have we really reached the point where we are so obtuse that we completely throw common sense out the window based on studies that we clearly don't understand?

    Every single pitch carries risk, so limiting the # of pitches clearly limits the risk of injury. What the study is claiming isn't contrary to this. What the study is claiming is that each additional pitch doesn't carry MORE risk than the past pitch.

    It's a simple concept, but seems to be flying right over some heads.

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  8. On ‎7‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 6:18 PM, CounterPunch said:

    As Killowertz stated maybe there is something to the batting stance change. The new stance seems more compact and steady while shrinking the strike zone. The old stance stood taller and had more overall action to it.






    Pretty dumb to compare those two ABs. Of course your swing will look different when you're reaching for something low and away vs. something up high

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  9. 2 hours ago, killa3312 said:

    Dude has an absurd 117 strikeouts in 85 innings this year. He is still ridiculously nasty, just can’t seem to get any breaks this season whereas he got a bunch last season.


    It's not "catching a break", it's control over his slider and curve. He's not hitting his spots this season.

  10. Calling this kid a 'stud' is beyond ridiculous. He was pretty good for a short stretch and now he's been terrible for a short stretch. At this point, he's looking very mediocre. A little upside at best, and a whiffing machine at worst. He's barely rosterable. The small sample size has caught up and we now know what he is.

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  11. 2 hours ago, kingdavid206 said:

    It would depend on overall scoring settings for me. I would say that in my league head to head points league. He really was not doing much to start the season. I replaced him with Framil Reyes and I have not looked back once. If you are in a categories league and you need stolen bases then sure go for it.


    Don't base his future production on the putrid start he had to the season. He is fully expected to put up MUCH better numbers than he was "to start the season".

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