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  1. Is there any room for him in the lineup? Or is it just as a precaution after Story tweaked something on a fly ball last night? I'm already frustrated that Daniel Murphy can't find his way into the lineup, am I going to have two guys on this team that sit most days?
  2. Only because he was hot garbage on offense.
  3. Agreed. From 'possibly worth rostering' to 'possible rookie of the year' is a big stretch indeed.
  4. Are you seriously complaining about his production so far?
  5. I'm not sold. Even in a fairly deep league, I'm letting him sit on the wire for a bit. Plenty of solid OF's out there.
  6. He's already elite in real-world baseball and in OBP leagues.
  7. Sometimes a guy will go all-in on an inside straight draw. They have a very low chance of hitting it on the river. Sometimes they hit that inside straight and act like they knew what they were doing all along, that it wasn't complete and total luck that they were "correct".
  8. ...aaaand he's up 2 hours later. lol.
  9. Lots of incorrect assumptions here.
  10. This isn't really true at all. You only seem to remember the very few that didn't fall off the map fast. If you can't even keep your weight in check when you have tens of millions (or hundreds of millions) of reasons to do so, you won't be an elite MLB player unless you're the incredibly rare exception.
  11. " we were so excited about his fantasy potential. He has to be picked up in any leagues in which his slow start got him dropped" Spot-on as always, Rotoworld!
  12. Wait...what? Who on earth drafted Charlie Blackmon expecting 16 HRs and 4 steals and would be satisfied by those numbers?
  13. He's not hitting the ball hard enough to even leave Coors, so it doesn't really matter where he's playing right now. He's making Billy Hamilton-like contact.
  14. Awesome, reduce that 25% save chance to 20% now that we have a 5th contender.
  15. 4 equally likely replacement options...fantastic.
  16. Not in my league. It's simply a place to put him for now while I wait for him to have some actual value later in the season.
  17. Isn't this EXACTLY what Miami did a handful of years back?
  18. I suggest spending less time counting other people's money. If they weren't worth these contracts, the owners wouldn't be paying them as much. I'm sure your salary looks extremely excessive to someone in a desolate country making $2 per day.
  19. Peacock will definitely start in the rotation. If he crashes and burns early, hopefully James will take his spot.
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