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  1. Your data is correct. How you're using it is completely wrong. Upton isn't the only player in your lineup. His 'disaster' stretches will inevitably line up with other players' "dominant" stretches. It all evens out over a full season.
  2. This is exactly the reason why chasing a 'hot streak' is so dumb. Of course you don't take him out of your lineup based on a 25 AB sample size. If you're taking him out after 5-6 bad games and benching him, you don't understand fantasy baseball (or small sample sizes).
  3. Yeah, that massive $1/last pick of the draft risk. Thanks RW!
  4. It all evens out in the end, even in H2H. If he helps you win one week and lose the next, you're pretty much equal by the season's end. The whole Roto/H2H difference is extremely overblown on these boards.
  5. Using CBS or ESPN has FAR greater pitfalls than simply ignoring Ohtani on Yahoo.
  6. How many of each position are drafted in your league in total? For example, if your league typically drafts 50 OF's, then take the average OF51 and note their values in each category (likely using standard deviations and Z-scores). That is the value they produce above replacement in each category. In points leagues, it's much easier. If the OF51 produces 500 total points over a full season and the OF1 produces 900, then OF1 is 900pts above replacement. Use these 'above replacement' points to assign true auction dollar values. Compare those to the price you see at auction (for ex. +$7, -$3
  7. Yes, obviously. As are managers in literally every single fantasy league this year.
  8. It's simple. Just calculate value above an average replacement player.
  9. Yes, most owners in competitive leagues that know what they're doing are still holding onto Kanter.
  10. "You keep using actual statistics to debunk what I'm saying! STOP USING STATISTICS, USE EMOTION AND IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS LIKE ME!"
  11. 3 reasons why your "I told you so" is ridiculous. 1) It's only due to an injury. Unless you can predict injuries, you were not correct. 2) 'Minutes' is not a category in most leagues, so unfortunately they aren't helping anyone win their leagues 3) Even with the injury luck, Holiday is a 1 category contributor. If you don't need steals, he's complete garbage at the moment. Good luck with that, Mr. Patience.
  12. a- Nobody cares about your trade, take that to the asst coach forum b- No manager in a semi-competitive league with any common sense would over-pay for Durant while Curry was out c- Triple-posting with no real content is frowned upon
  13. Please send link to join. I would like some easy $.
  14. No worries bro. All will come in time...just be patient like we're being patient with Barton!
  15. Because "drama" isn't fun for those not involved in the childish back-and-forth. We're here for news and opinions backed by facts, not to watch two people bicker endlessly.
  16. Owned in literally every semi-competitive league in existence.
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