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  1. Translation: "I used his catch rate over an extremely small sample size because is better fits my narrative, rather than what he's proven to be over an entire career"
  2. Great odds there. 2 examples over x number of years.
  3. Such an ignorant post. Four examples over the last 10 years, all cherry-picked to make your point. Give me a break. He'll be back in as much time as it takes and his size obviously makes 0 difference.
  4. It's not the fouls holding Mitch back. It's his play.
  5. Are we seriously having this conversation? Waste of time.
  6. Wtf. Why am I reading this in a fantasy basketball forum in a Mitchell Robinson thread?
  7. I know I personally read through these threads only to learn which players random strangers are dropping for other players.
  8. Looks like you can chalk it up to you making a bad decision.
  9. He's a known quantity. Nobody is dumb enough to sell Rubio low when it's common knowledge that he steps it up in the second half. So tired of everyone acting like they're the smartest guy in the room by saying they'll pick him up for peanuts in the 2nd half. It's not clever.
  10. Here's why Boban is worth more. In a Roto league, you can leave him on the bench when he's not starting, then you can slot him in your lineup when he is. That keeps your games played down and gives you a double double + lots of blocks with upside on those 20 min nights. Nobody who to permanently plug a hole in their lineup should be starting Boban every night. I figured this was common knowledge, guys...c'mon.
  11. Agreed. Guys, don't panic after his 24 rebound game. If you were on a ledge after that elite line last night, DON'T JUMP
  12. Would be pretty dumb to hold him for two weeks and then drop him when he's closer to a return, wouldn't it?
  13. You guys crack me up. He blocks shots in buckets and gives you great %'s. That's his purpose and he's doing it just fine. All I see is tears and panic on this board because he's not getting double doubles every night. SMH
  14. No, you in no way have convinced me that he is "hurting the team more than he helps it". All you essentially said is "he's pretty bad on defense, despite being incredible on offense."
  15. Just like concussions right? Get your bell ring and get back out there!
  16. Pre-ranking, my friend. It's a glorious concept.
  17. First of all, you're showing us the stats that take into account a trade offer you're making. You're not even showing us your real team. Second, it's a one week sample size. That's how statistics work.
  18. If you guys aren't leaving ESPN in droves, you have no one to blame but yourselves.
  19. Unless he's owned by someone with common sense this season?
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