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  1. I'm wondering the same. Is he a wasted spot in re-drafts at the NA spot?
  2. His statement was categorically true and universally agreed upon. You're swinging wildly at strawmen here and it's a little sad.
  3. Literally no one called them top closers...
  4. Agreed. The 3rd grade level of humor over and over again is really getting old.
  5. Not true at all. People who like CD like him because he's almost free and might provide a tiny bit of value in the super late rounds.
  6. Wheeeeee! And someone just dropped him in my league. I picked up a 40-50 HR threat that is batting leadoff, lol
  7. The problem here is that nobody agrees on the projections. It's extremely simple to do if you use one specific set of stats. Not complicated at all.
  8. Betting on Kidd giving anyone consistent minutes, especially a very inconsistent Henson, is setting yourself up for failure.
  9. Will Harkless get a big benefit from Aminu being out?
  10. Yes you can. There's a perfect Noel-sized hole on your bench now, or at least there should be. Perfect place to fit him.
  11. Or maybe he just needed a week worth of games to increase the incredibly small sample size you were basing his entire value on.
  12. How does this contribute to the conversation in any way?
  13. I think a D-league scrub would put up better numbers at this point.
  14. Not that difficult, it's the small sample size. Stats 101.
  15. Not a single person in this ENTIRE thread said he'll continue to average half a rebound and 30%. Not one.
  16. Huh? Does anyone really play in a no bench league? That doesn't compute.
  17. I don't have the slightest idea what to value him at with this news. If you have an IR slot, is he worth $5 in auction? $20? Such a tough player to value.
  18. Not really, because they will really help you (even more than the others) in the other areas
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