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  1. lol, that's quite a stretch. "That mediocre pitcher reminds me of Nolan Ryan"
  2. To acquire an even better player ROS? It's the definition of selling high.
  3. Drop city in any league that punishes K's
  4. Because Hill's blister somehow makes them good pitchers?
  5. Awwwww shucks! I think everyone else in this thread was expecting a 125 HR season! Now you have to bring your super-logic into the conversation and let us know he won't "hit like this all year". You're such a visionary!
  6. Lol...that's not how it works. "Can you imagine if he hit 10 more HR" or "stole 8 more bases"...
  7. I think he means Dr. Dray. Of course Draymond Green. And he did it exactly as described...seems like a pretty even trade to me.
  8. If Pbev is somehow still unowned in your league, then yeah, Jamal won't do as much as other players sitting on your WW. Deeper leagues...not sure.
  9. Wait..."rebounding is genetic"..."learning to rebound has happened in the past" ...so does the rebounding ability of his father completely determine his ability or not? lol
  10. If it adds to the Turner/Russell debate, I paid $19 for Turner and $17 for Russell in a recent auction...so I think they're similar in value. What's a realistic # to expect from Turner in the fg% category?
  11. Can't wait to watch this guy develop. I really hope he turns into a beast and not just all hype.
  12. Haven't seen any apps, but I bookmark Baseball Press on my android. Works pretty well. Thanks!! I googled it and they apparently do have an Android app rated 4.8 out of 5 with no ads and entirely free. Think I'll go get it today and give it a try. http://www.androidout.com/item/android-apps/398587/baseball-press Your link is broken and no results are returned in the Play store...what gives?
  13. 3/14 Anthony Morrow: "There's no real fantasy value here unless you're desperately chasing threes." 3/18 Anthony Morrow: "should be one of the hottest pickups in fantasy right now" Thanks for the awesome advice back on 3/14 RW, keep up the good work.
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