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  1. I got to watch this and can't tell you how good he was. He got the first strike on almost every batter. Mariners didn't have a chance. Unreal performance that was actually very unlikely not to be a perfect game.
  2. Weekly leaguers are you starting him this week? [...] He seems close but I've been burned so many times in the past.
  3. Any word as to why Santander was pulled?
  4. Our scoring period is April 1-11. My options in a 12 teamer is Trea Turner or Ty France. Ugh.
  5. Does anyone know how long the close contacts would be out assuming they eventually test out negative? Is it a negative test would be needed on the 5th day or later after exposure?
  6. Though Anderson has been a walking injury in his career.
  7. 10 team ppr Lamar JRob, Montgomery, Jacobs Ridley, ARob Goedert/Thomas
  8. 10 team ppr Allen/Hurts/Cousins McCaffery, Davis, JRob, Dobbins Davantae, AJ Brown, Woods Kelce I actually drafted CEH #1. Middle of the year traded CEH, Thielen and Gibson fir McCaffery with a playoff spot locked. That obviously backfired but picking Kelce, Adam, Allen, and AJ was too good in the end.
  9. 10 team but it's a strange format in that we can keep people forever or as long as we want, but we are limited to 10 players to keep and a max of 5 at a position. My other WR are AJ Brown, ARob, and DJ Moore.
  10. In a dynasty that has limits on how many can be kept. Who would you drop out of: Beckham Chark Jeudy
  11. Start Hurts. Uoside similar to Mahomet but Mahomet downside is Reid benching starters at anytime.
  12. PPR Do I start James Robinson (Home Chi) or Robinson is questionable while Fournette (at Det( plays early Saturday. If I wait for Robinson and he doesn't play, I would slide in Mike Davis. WHIR!
  13. Who would you guys prefer keeping among the following RB? Dillon McFarland Penny Ahmed We are required to trim down our dynasty rosters at end of the week. I'd find most value in combo of upside and most likely to start at the beginning of 2021.
  14. If you are going to rest players, isn't week 16 the week to do it? My thoughts would be if I were coaching is to rest the guys week 16. That way you don't go into the playoffs with 2 "bye" weeks in a row. I have Kelce and our finals stretch over 16-17. I am expecting to get 1 game out of him-especially with him being only 60 yards from the record. Its also possible they play both games but are limited. That would be worst case scenario for fantasy.
  15. I agree. My initial reaction to that was not good for Zeke.
  16. 😀😀 The odds of this happening aren't even 1 percent. Its more like .00001. Its over and we Chief owners need to be prepared for tough decisions if Reed rests his guys week 16.
  17. No matter what happens, KC vs Atlanta in week 16 has zero playoff implications. There are some previous posts that detail why as strange as it sounds.
  18. Even if Cincy knocks of pitt tonight and KC clinches the bye, week 16 is in my opinion the week that makes most sense from a coaching standpoint to rest players. No way I would want 2 consecutive weeks off going into the playoffs, but would be nice to have 1 extra week off/limited. Week 16 makes the most sense to do that. Totally socks for fantasy.
  19. Any steeler loss clinches #1 for KC regardless to what KC does. Even if KC loses to Atl, if Pitt loses any game KC is the 1 seed. The ONLY way KC loses the 1 seed is if Pitt wins their last 3 and KC loses to the Chargers in week 17. KC game in week 16 has no bearing on playoff seeding.
  20. From everything I've read, if Steelers lose tonight, the Chiefs clinch 1 seed. In that case I still think week 16 in jeopardy as I wouldn't want to have 2 weeks off in a row going into the playoffs. Only way Chiefs don't get 1 seed is if Steelers win out and Chiefs lose to Chargers week 17. Chiefs Week 16 game has no playoff implications. Has to do with tiebreaker and chargers game more important because they are an AFC team.
  21. This illustrates why week 16 is in danger. If they get a bye, theyblikely won't rest starters the week before a bye week (2 consecutiveweeks off before playoffs). It would make a better fit to rest in week 16 in a game that they know is already meaningless. Week 17 is what guarantees them home field and helps keep them sharp. I'm definitely worried about week 16.
  22. My understanding is if the Steelers lose to the colts, KC clinches no matter the result of Atlanta. I own Kelce and want him to play, but from a coaching standpoint having a "bye" or quasi-bye week makes a lot of sense. Rest up and stay healthy in week 16, then you have a meaningful chargers game that keeps the team sharp for playoffs.
  23. Hopefully this thread is appropriate here as it has the potential to affect many teams. Nantz and Romo spoke in the broadcast that the Chiefs week 16 game is meaningless from a playoff seeding impact. The only game that would matter would be the Chargers game in week 17 (Assuming Pittsburgh wins their games). You would think there would be a pretty significant concern to fantasy owners that the Chiefs studs could get rested, or limited reps next week. I am just speculating but it has potential to be a major storyline in fantasy this week.
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