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    OK, I'm in a mixed, 5X5 keeper league, I've been offered Trevor Story AND either Alex Bregman or Francisco Lindor for Trea Turner. Would you make that trade and, if so, would you prefer Bregman or Lindor?

    You said I should post it in Bench Coach Help Forum. I would love to do that. But when I try to create a post, I'm asked for a topic. When I click on the drop-down menu, it appears I don't have access to Bench Coach Help Forum. So I guess I'm asking how to post the question in the proper forum? Sorry for the confusion. 


    1. Backdoor Slider

      Backdoor Slider

      You know what, I think you need to make like 5 or 10 posts first before creating your own thread. It stops spammers. So just comment in a few other threads and you'll be given access. 

      How many can you keep? Who would you NOT keep if you gained the extra keeper?

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